How to Make Yogurt the Healthy Way?


Yogurt is nothing but a fermented milk product. The yogurt is formed by the lactose present in it milk which helps to ferment the milk process. The word ‘Yogurt’ is derived from the Turkish word yoğurt which means dense.

There are many ways to spell the word in different countries. In Australia, United Kingdom the word ‘Yoghurt’ is used, whereas in United States of America it is spelled as ‘Yogurt’.

In every country yogurt has an equal importance.Be it any festival yogurt is definitely used,where as in India yogurt is consumed before doing any important work as it is considered lucky.

Lets just keep the traditional facts aside, curd is something now people use for their stomach,like when your not well people try to eat curd khichadi or curd rice.Yogurt is very good for upset stomach.

The yogurt concept has evolved a lot with various flavors and varieties. These days people more opt for healthy versions of curd, they avoid the artificial sweeteners and additives. It is very important to check the nutritional components before buying any product.

People are not aware of how to select a yogurt best for them,what many people don’t know is that the flavored yogurts consists of refined sugar so its recommended to add your own fruit to it.

Here are varieties of yogurt easily available to you in the market.

Flavored Yogurt

Flavored Yogurt

This is the most popular yogurt,around 75 percent of people consume flavored yogurt.There are tons of flavors available in the market for eg mango,orange,banana,berry etc.

There is a list that you should check before buying any flavored this type of yogurt the flavoring comes from most of the artificial sweeteners and not to mention the color.Always go for the whole fruit option and try to avoid the pack which contains puree of a fruit which lacks the vitamin C.

There is no point of consuming a yogurt considering it as low-fat when you consume similar amount of calories as that of full-fat ones. To get full probiotics which is good for digestion you should try plain yogurt and add fresh fruits to it.

Soy Yogurt

Soy Yogurt

This yogurt is not something of a rocket science,it is simply a yogurt which is made from soy milk instead of a normal milk.This yogurt is mostly consumed by the people who are vegan because it does not contain any diary and the people who are lactose intolerant.

The same bacteria is used to make this yogurt which is used in regular yogurt process.It has slightly beany taste to it rather than the normal ones.

It has less fat than the normal yogurt. The people who go for soy yogurt must know that it consists corn starch, so next time you opt for it better think about  twice knowing all the facts.

Low-fat Yogurt

Low-fat Yogurt

This yogurt is made from skimmed milk.Most of the people consider it best for a diet.This yogurt is very low on calories,which most of the people look for.

It contains probiotics, as said above which is very good for digestion. Sometimes the low-fat yogurt  contains added sugar. It even contains potassium, which helps build muscle, maintains the activity in heart.

It also decreases the risk of kidney stone and bone loss. Low-fat doesn’t mean that it does not contain any diary products like cream or milk. When you are choosing a low-fat yogurt see to it that the yogurt has live bacteria.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

In this type of yogurt the whey is removed which makes it more thicker and creamier, it is very rich in flavor. It has 40 percent less sugar than the normal yogurt as the whey is removed, as well as the 38 percent less sodium.

The protein content in twice than that of the regular curd, not to forget the abundance of nutrients and health benefits. This is definitely a heaven for people trying weight loss.

Since it contains more protein and it takes a lot of time to digest the protein a person may not have an appetite, If you don’t consumes and eat in a limit then gradually you will lose weight. It is even beneficial for lactose intolerant people.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt

This yogurt is mainly used as a desert. It is not very sweet but people tend to choose it over ice-cream. It is considered to be more healthy than consuming ice-cream.

The frozen yogurt is mostly made up of milk, flavoring, coloring, gelatin and sweetener, whereas ice cream is made up of a lot of sugar and salt. In frozen yogurt you can substitute sugar with ingredients like honey or agave nectar.

It is true that the frozen yogurt is not that beneficial like the other types of yogurt but it surely is healthier than the ice cream.It is lower in fat than the ice cream as it substitutes cream with milk.

You can add many ingredients like fresh fruits to make it more healthy whereas in ice cream you can hardly. Just like ice cream you can have fun with it too by adding toppings like hot fudge, choco chips, sprinkles, bits of brownies etc.

This way they are more fun and less bland !

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