Why Every Puppy Sheds?

Shedding can become quite a big deal and an annoying one at that, but as a dog owner, you need to know that is is a normal part of the puppy’s life.

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Yes, you will be told that some dog breeds are non-shedding but the fact remains that all puppies will shed at some point including those once considered non-shedding.

Anyone who has puppies and has recently had to lean troll their black pants will know that this is a fact that affects every dog breed.

Do not let this keep you away from getting that puppy you’ve always wanted. In fact, it is not compulsory that you live with fur everywhere and make your clothing and home filled with hair.

In this article, we have gathered some simple precautions that will help you stay hair-free when you have a puppy. below is why dogs shed and the things you can do to keep your puppy’s skin and coat healthy.

A dog’s hair growth cycle

FUr and hair do not grow all the time, but they continuously get renewed in a cycle of growth followed by rest and finally loss. New hair begins to grow and push out the old ones that were resting and then the old ones finally fall off. this process of hair loss is called shedding.

All the follicles of hair on your animal skin go through a cycle of active growth known as anagen. This is usually followed by a short period of shrinkage known as catagen, during which all their hair roots begin to loosen.

Telogen, which is the final phase is the stage where the hairs on your dog’s body begin to shed as they are pushed out by the new ones growing from underneath to replace them.

The length of a dog’s hair growth period usually varies from breed to breed. Majority of dogs have a seasonal shared which occurs in spring or during fall. This might cause you to think that it is the temperature that leads to shedding, but what prompts shedding is light exposure either artificial light or sunlight.

The influence of light will determine the timing and the amount of dropping that your dog will experience. During your pet’s greatest exposure to light, there is a chance that it would shed more hair.

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Outdoor dogs that reside in the northeastern part of the United States and known to shed every year. These dogs are known to shed heavy lea in late spring, and this would last several weeks during which there is an increase in daylight.

On the other hand, those dogs that are constantly exposed to artificial light will likely shed all year long.

What about the low shedding puppies?

Dog breeds such as some terriers and poodles that are usually referred to as non-shedding actually have shed. Instead of the normal hair growing face to last a short time the hair of this species of dogs grow for years before it finally sheds and unless you clip the hair they may begin to grow very long.

Quotes like this do not shed all at once so you would never notice clumps of fur pulling out of your dog’s body. Dogs in this category only lose a few hairs at a time.

You may have noticed that this breed of dogs does not have their hair always end up on your furniture; the reason for this is that they tend to come with curly quotes which make the hair they are shedding tangle alongside the fresh one growing out.

Unless you keep the fall of these dogs trained they may turn into long cords.

Your puppy may begin to shed its puppy quotes before the usual seasonal shared in the spring or fall season it all depends on when the animal was born. A lot of puppies are known to shed their baby quotes around six months to 12 months of age as the new adult firm begins to push out the old one and replace it.

Like I earlier pointed out this usually varies from breeder to breed so do not expect your dog to shed at six months when its breed would normally shed at eight months or 12 months.

Shedding risks

Puppy Sheds

One of the risks associated with shading is that breeds that come with heavy double quotes and usually shared in clumps are more prone to getting painful mats. This can happen to your dog when you toss for traps next to eat skin especially in the AM pizza on groin regions Matson aunt create bruises and usually lead to hot spots.

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The question you may be asking now is if it is possible to stop your dog from shedding. Well, the answer is you can’t stop your dog from shedding, but you can reduce the aggravation to yourself and the animal. Combined brush your dog’s for regularly if your puppy is one with thick fur, then you need to brush it’s here daily.

This doesn’t mean if your puppy has short hair you shouldn’t brush it daily, as a matter of fact, short-haired puppies would benefit greatly from this grooming. While you groom your dog make sure to pay particular attention to those areas that are mat-prone such as beneath its tail, behind its ears, and in the creases of its legs.

One very helpful tool that you can use to prevent issues like this is the EZ-Groomer which is a lightweight claw-shaped comb that can help you break up established mats. Unlike most other brushes or combs you can make use of this groomer to calm your pets backward to provide a more beneficial effect.

This product is a very affordable one and comes in two sizes 14 large pets and the other four smaller pets.

You do not have to groom your pet all in one sitting. If you don’t have so much time to spare or you notice your puppy is getting impatient, you can spread the grooming sessions all over several hours or even days just to keep your animal happy.

Follow each grooming session with your pet’s favorite street organ so that your puppy can identify grooming with these things that makes it happy.

Some pet owners think it is best to bath their puppy before brushing its fur however it is best that you brush your puppies for thoroughly before bath time. Brushing your puppy before bathing it will help to lose more shed fur and wherever fur is removed through grooming there will be no mats, and it will not end up on your furniture or clothes.

Grooming your puppy is very easy but if you’re one of those people who cannot handle it yourself then give the contract to a professional to have it done for you.

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