Why Do Gardens Make You Feel So Refreshed?


For centuries people have found safety, solitude, and much needed refreshment within the green gates of gardens. What is the reason?

Not only do people feel better when they spend time out amongst nature, many people feel utterly transformed the minute they put their hands to the earth.

Gardening is a chosen hobby for thousands of people out in the world. If you ask them what they would do without it, the response might be likened to feeling like they would die.

Seems a little dramatic, but gardens seem have a magical power. One that has inspired writers of stories like The Secret Garden to make them the focus of their storytelling.

The Garden of Eden was one such place. Adam and Eve had everything they needed within their garden. They could want for nothing. So, once again, what is it about gardens that make people feel so great? There isn’t one reason; there are many.

They Take Away Your Stress

Though the reason gardens take away stress is not known for sure, there is speculation that the reason is because gardening involves many actions that don’t require a person to think or exert themselves in any capacity that would cause them stress.

The natural environment provides many soothing sounds and environmental factors such as the chirping of insects, the smell of the ground and flowers, to the feel of the breeze. These environmental attributes are the very things humans have been around for centuries.

It wasn’t until the modern world put everybody in cement boxes and the cities grew taller and the days grew busier that man got disconnected from nature in such a violent way.

They Clear Your Mind

There are several different factors that aid in you feeling much clearer mentally when you’re out in the garden or amongst nature in other capacities. One reason is the fact that you’re being exposed to sun.

Too much sun will make you tired, but the right amount, especially in the crisp spring air can be a perfect solution to the seasonal depression or brain fog you often feel.


Vitamin D increases your ability to function, and the increased oxygen levels along with the taking in of the nutrients found in soil are scientifically proven to make you feel better not only emotionally, but mentally and also physically.

They Get You Moving

Even if you’re just sitting on a bench in a garden, the fact that you had to get up and walk there says something. It’s even better when you’re out in nature and you’re hiking, or when you’re subtly exerting yourself by pulling weeds or planting seeds.

The combination of sunlight, fresh air, a touch of earth, and exercise is the perfect remedy to most any condition. Nature is a healing capacity.

Everything from the magnificent colors you see in a tree, to the eating of a fresh blackberry off the vine is structured to make you feel better. It’s the beauty of man and nature working together.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.