What to Do When Your Bird Lays an Egg?

It may be surprising to see your female bird lay eggs without the presence of a male bird. However, it isn’t uncommon. Before you assume foul play or outside influence, or you are probably wondering how it happened, what to do with the egg, and if it would hatch or not.

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It is so natural if your female birds lay eggs now and then as nature requires it to. This does not mean that the egg would hatch into a baby bird or anything like that not unless the hen has been exposed to a male bird prior to the time the egg or eggs were laid.

Without the influence of a male bird, the egg remains unfertile. Most bird owners either dispose of the eggs or eat them, and the hens go back to their normal routines.

It is, in fact, imperative that a female chicken lays eggs regularly; else, they are at the risk of egg binding which is potentially dangerous to their health.

Just the way you have a human female reproductive cycle that ensures that women ovulate, approximately every 28 days, female birds also have to release eggs infertile or not.

The risks of egg binding

Egg binding is a medical condition that hinders the female bird from being able to lay eggs that have formed internally.

This unusual condition is common and can result in infection or even damage internal organs of the bird if not immediately addressed. Sometimes, a simple massage is all the bird needs in the area the egg is lodged to aid in passing out the egg safely.

Massaging may even break the egg in the hen’s body which may be what the bird needs but in some severe cases, you may need to consult a certified avian veterinarian to assist with dislodging the egg.

In situations where the egg may have been broken inside the body of the hen, then the attention of a professional is highly required to have the fragments removed, so the hen isn’t exposed to any form of infections.

The vet must ensure to clean her oviduct (the avian equivalent to the human fallopian tube).

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What to Do With Fertile Pet Eggs?

Candling is done when a bright light is held behind an egg to illuminate its inside without cracking the shell open.

Candling is required to determine if an egg is fertile or not. A breeder can tell whether an egg is fertilised or not based on the shape, colour and opacity of the contents.

If the egg is fertilised, then you can either let the hen have it back or use the incubator if the hen doesn’t sit on it.

Well, there you have it. Now you know what it means for your hens to lay eggs without the influence of a male chicken laying with them.

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