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What Men want Women to Look Like

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According to studies, when men meet a lady for the first time, he assesses her by three main parameters: appearance, voice, and speech.

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A better part of this percentage, however, depends on how the woman looks, hence the popular saying “first you judge how nice, then you judge how wise.”

What men like women to look like are significantly different from what women like, and more than women, men pay attention to women’s dressing and general appearance.

These are some of the following outfits men like to see ladies wear:



A sundress is an informal or comfy dress typically worn when the weather is warm. It is mostly made of cotton and is loose-fitted.

It is usually a bodice style, without sleeves or collar and most times with a thin shoulder strap and a wide neckline. It may or may not be backless. A sundress is typically worn without a top or leggings; neither is it worn over a sweater, a blouse or a t-shirt.

A sundress suggests a more feminine look that is cozier than a skirt and blouse or another type of dress. They are of different types, with different necklines and hemlines, varying from mini, through knee-length to full length.

They can be made of various closure types, including front buttons, back zippers, back ties, back buttons, side zippers, pullovers, or other closure styles.

They may also be slipped on by pulling up from below or put on over the head without any fasteners or closures. Sundress gives a lady a more refined, gentle, and feminine look. It turns a woman into a goddess if it fits her body type.


Men like women who look graceful and a sundress is just right for that kind of magic. It’s almost impossible to resist a girl in a beautiful dress, especially when it reveals her neckline.

Men are more confident to initiate a conversation with a woman who knows how to carry herself.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are tight fitted jeans that practically glue to your body. Having properly being infused into the culture, this fashion refused to die and has remained everywhere for every kind of people for years now.

It’s hard not a find at least one person in a group of people with skinny jeans on. Hipsters prefer a flawed crotch rolled at the ankles. Skaters would prefer them with sneakers and a snapback.

Skinny jeans are democratic, being that they are elastic and stretch comfortably to include all body shape and all social group. These jeans have become the first choice for many women. It is available to women of all ages, including babies.

Every woman can look good and attractive in skinny jeans as long as she picks the right pair for her body type. There is always a pair of those narrow-legged jeans out there for you no matter your body type, be it an hourglass body type, a banana body type, an apple body type, or a pear body type.

How to wear a skinny jean

Having become trendy, skinny jeans have now evolved into a classic style and wardrobe staple. A quick and cozy choice for casual days, they can be thrown on at any time without a second thought.

Even though it is a simple fashion item, it also makes them susceptible to getting caught in a style drudgery. Women feel like they are wearing the same cloth every time, even though they might not be doing that.

Apart from T-shirts, here are some other ways skinny jeans can be worn:

  • With a pop of colour
  • With a classical shirt
  • With sweatshirts
  • With blazers
  • With tank tops

To spice up your style a bit more, you can wear skinny jeans with different footwear ranging from slippers, sandals, flat shoes, sneakers, booties, and even heels.

The style chosen all depends on what works for one and what occasion.What men like women to look like include women on skinny jeans because it makes their body look slimmer, their legs longer, and it outlines the body curves.

Skinny jeans with back pockets or knitted crafts on the butts is an added advantage because it creates an illusion of body curves. Jeans make body imperfections conspicuous under its thick fabric, and it makes a woman look elegant.



Sweater is a piece of clothing usually with long sleeves, made of crocheted or knitted material. Traditionally, sweaters are made from wool, but nowadays, cotton and synthetic materials can also be used to make sweaters.

They are designed to cover the upper part of the body.There are different types of a sweater, and some of them include crewneck, v-neck, cardigan, turtleneck, zippered sweaters, cable knot, and more.

The most exciting thing about sweaters is that they are always cozy and warm, very easy to pull on and off. Sweaters are an excellent example of what men like women to wear, especially when the weather requires it.

How to wear sweaters

Whether you are going to the office, having dinner with friends, taking a walk on a chilly evening, or running random errands, the style with which you wear sweaters could make them perfect for each occasion.

You could complete your sweater dressing in the following way:

  • With a pencil skirt: Sweaters tucked in with a pencil skirt gives a woman a touch of elegance and sophistication. This outfit can be completed with a pair of strappy heels or casual flats.
  • With a floppy hat: Hats add details to an outfit, and sometimes, it is the detail that makes the difference. A hat presents some sort of sexy mystery in a woman, and you wouldn’t have to worry about how your hair looks. A hat worn with a sweater makes you look even more relaxed.
  • With a cozy scarf: Just like hats, scarfs add details to an outfit. More interestingly, you have an excuse to make use of that scarf you like so much, especially if you are wearing the same sweater for the second time in a week.
  • With a statement necklace: For an extra touch to your outfit without actually being the centre of attention, a necklace is your best option. A neutral-coloured necklace can be used to complement an outfit, while a contrasting one can be used to emphasize it.

Other ways to wear sweaters includes:

  • With leather leggings
  • With a metallic pleated skirt
  • Over a plaid shirt
  • With ripped denim and sneakers
  • With a blanket scarf
  • With a tweed skirt

What men like women to look like circles around individuals who are confident and are able to project serenity. There is no better way to achieve this look than dressing up in cozy sweaters, especially oversized ones.

A girl who is dressed in sweaters is in harmony with herself and confident that she can still feel beautiful and look attractive without revealing her body.


african activewear

Articles of clothing, including footwear worn for sports or physical exercise, are called sportswear. They can also be referred to as activewear. Most sports and physical activities have a specific sports outfit for practical, comfort, or safety reasons.

Common sports wares include tracksuits, polo shirts, tees, and shorts. Specialized sports wares include swimsuits, wet suits (used for diving or surfing), ski suits (used for skiing), and leotards (used for gymnastics).

The footwear used for sports include trainers, football boots, ice skates, and riding boots. Clothes like bikini, some crop tops, and undergarments such as sports bra can also be used as sports apparel.

Usually, athletes wear a combination of different items of clothing, such as shirts, shorts, and sports shoes. Some sports also require protective gear such as helmets.

The sort of fabric some sports clothes are made from depends on the intensity of exercise or activity the person is expected to perform. However, all sports fabric must be comfortable. At times, sportswear is also worn as casual clothing. For instance, one can wear sports polo over a pair of trousers or leggings.

Men fancy women who show a particular interest in sports. The fact that a lady is interested in sports makes her more attractive to a man. There are studies to back this up. Men would find that they have more in common with women who are into sports.

This can quickly stir up a good conversation too. It is easy to notice that a lady wearing sportswear seems to be friendly and carefree.


Baseball caps

Baseball caps

A baseball cap is a type of cap made of soft fabric with a rounded crown with the brim pointing forward to protect the eyes from the sun. Baseball players wear a baseball cap as part of their uniform.

Caps are probably the only fashion accessory that men know about more than women. For women, most times, it is challenging to decide what to wear a cap with and what not to wear a cap with.

Some of the best ways to wear a baseball cap include:

  • A baseball cap with a comfortable sweater and jeans
  • A baseball cap with denim shorts
  • A baseball cap with tees
  • A wool baseball cap with a scarf
  • A baseball cap with a long sweater
  • A baseball cap with a tank top and a boyfriend jeans
  • A baseball cap with a leather jacket
  • A baseball cap with jogging clothes
  • A baseball cap with a smart casual outfit
  • A baseball cap with a striped dress
  • A baseball cap with ponytails

For ladies, baseball caps aren’t just meant to be worn to a baseball game. They can be worn on different occasions in different styles, from cute, sporty to fashionable.

Putting on a baseball cap can be a way to change your looks when you are tired of a hairstyle. However, if you are to wear a baseball cap, it is crucial to do it right to avoid looking weird.

Men are attracted to women who look sporty and relaxed. There is no better way to achieve that look other than to toss a cute little baseball cap over your hair.

Classic shirts

Classic shirts

A classic shirt is widely and easily everyday clothing items with some amount of historical, cultural significance to the different social groups and is therefore worthy of its iconic status.

For over two hundred and fifty years, this unique apparel has been able to identify and represent wealth, affluence, status, gender shifts, and fashion norms. For both men and women, classic shirts, especially white, can be used as a mirror to map considerable social change and diversity of influence.


In earlier times, classic white shirts for women are seen as a symbol of purity, strength, and the independence of a working-class lady. Till today, classic shirts are still as trendy, and no wardrobe is complete without it.

It can be styled down for days and up for nights. What feels fresh about classic shirts these days is how it is styled and not the piece itself. A classic white shirt makes one look a bit more french, which most guys would consider appealing.

How to wear a classic shirt

  • Wear it with a neutral suit
  • Wear it with a printed midi skirt
  • Wear it over a slip dress
  • Wear it with a pair of denim
  • Wear it tucked into wide-leg trousers
  • Wear them with cycling shorts
  • Wear it over a swimsuit
  • Wear it over a crop top

Uncommonly, classic shirts can be worn backward, shrugged off on one shoulder, off-shoulders, knotted, unbuttoned from the bottom, or oversized and loose. Classic white shirts create an image of elegance and inaccessibility.

Although most men consider it sexy, especially when worn with one shoulder off.

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts

A pencil skirt is a slim-fitted skirt with a straight and narrow cut. It is made for a close fit with the hem falling slightly above, on or just below the knee.

It is called a pencil skirt because it is always slim and as long as a pencil. Just like classic shirts, pencil skirts are one of the most timeless silhouettes in fashion.

When worn right, pencil skirts present flattering looks on just about everybody type. It gives a woman a long, lean line, especially with a shirt or a blouse tucked into it.

Additionally, it lays emphasis on the legs, which keeps it on a firm level of feminity. A black pencil skirt is a closet staple, and every lady owns at least one of them. Ladies can be worn with almost anything and everything

How to wear a pencil skirt

  • Wear a pencil skirt with a classic shirt
  • Wear a pencil skirt with a sweater or a swear shirt
  • Wear a Pencil Skirt With a peplum top
  • Wear a Pencil skirt with a feminine blouse
  • Wear a pencil skirt with a matching jacket for a suit
  • Colorblock with a pencil skirt
  • Wear a t-shirt with a pencil skirt
  • Wear a pencil skirt and crop top

Men like women dressed in pencil skirts, especially women with sufficient curves. The skirt stresses the waistline and makes a woman’s figure look like an hour Glass.


Pencil skirts combined with heeled shoes make a woman move delicately and more detailed. This is on the list of what men want because men enjoy details, particularly when it has to do with a woman’s body.

Men also fancy dresses with a slit on a woman’s body. Most times, beautiful thighs exposed sometimes can be more captivating than a mini dress. Dresses with slit portray a woman as mysterious.

Men also like high waisted jeans, whether it is skinny jeans, wide leg, or classic bootcut, high waist projects a grown-up vibe.


It is no secret that men get attracted to a woman’s bare skin; however, this trick should be used carefully and wisely to avoid going overboard.

In an attempt to look attractive, women go for dresses that are too skimpy, shirts that are extremely low cut or jeans that are short that underwear can be seen.

This inevitably sends a message entirely different from what is intended—men like a bit of mysterious tease and not the plain package. Men prefer confident, not shy, classy, and not timid.

No matter how much they try to deny it, men like to be kept in suspense before being able to explore. What do you think men like women to look like?

What fashion items do you think you can add to the list? Kindly include them in the comments below. Also include tips or suggestions that you think would motivate Healthtian to provide better services.

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Oluwafemi Michael
Oluwafemi Michael is an online Mental Health Therapist, Advocate for Mental Health Awareness, a programmer, and also a content creator from Edo state, Akoko-Edo LG.

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