What is an Electronic Cigarette, and Where Does it Come From?

By its classification, an electronic cigarette (e-cig, e-cigarette) is a nicotine delivery system which is designed to offer users with a precise level of nicotine in a vapour form. An electronic cigarette is usually known as an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) and it is also referred as a personal Vaporizer (PV). With regard to its design and type, electronic cigarette similar to look like regular tobacco cigarettes.

Whatsoever it looks like, the foremost purpose of having electronic cigarette is for the fulfilment of nicotine craving in a way that feels like tobacco smoking, without that gross stuff that comes with a nicotine cigarette.

The birth of the electronic cigarette

When you would have seen your first electronic cigarette a few years back, you might have thought that e-cigarettes are somewhat completely new things, nevertheless they’re definitely not. However, in technical form electronic cigarette is a baby boomer.

A person named Herbert A. Gilbert, from a Korean War vet is claimed to have developed the electronic cigarette in 1963. In the year 1965 he had granted a patent for the smokeless electronically powered nicotine free cigarette. This device produced steam instead of vapor.

However, the world was not ready to accept this device in 1965. Mr. Herbert A. Gilbert could create a history with his ideal e-cig paragon device. However, after a decade, his patent went expired.

Came back in 2003

However, electronic cigarette again invented in 2003 by Hon Lik, he was a Chinese pharmacist and a heavy smoker who has seen his father suffering from lung cancer. Hon Lik’s invention of electronic cigarette hit the Chinese market in 2004.

Surprisingly cigar smokers also followed by e-pipe. Thus, with the motivation he renamed his company as Ruyan, The meaning of “Ruyan” is like smoke. Then after so many cigarettes manufacturers get into electronic cigarette.

Emigration of electronic cigarette

Europe was another market to embrace e-cigarettes throughout 2006. In 2007, e-cigarette began appearing all around the US (United States). With the purpose of broadening the market in October ’08, Ruyan funded the initial electronic cigarette study in New Zealand. This research confirmed that there were no toxic-level of chemicals in e-cigarettes.

Cue the backlash

However, at present there is a considerable level of misinformation and controversy is there with regards to the electronic cigarette. Even there has been a lot research which clearly indicates that the electronic cigarette is a good healthy alternative of tobacco smoking. Even though many embrace and hail the electronic cigarette.

As you might aware you may make use of your e-cig in public spaces and indoors, but some states have imposed bans on it. The reason is they don’t find it a healthy alternative and blame the industry on targeting kids. The other reason for the ban is e-juice providers are including some of the ingredients and advertising it as a healthy and a tobacco free alternative.


An expanding movement

As per the research of 2012, approximately 3.5 million e-cig vapers are there; this was the whole scenario of 2 years ago. After that a lot of things have happened in the e-cig industry. At present, the electronic cigarette is the best alternative to tobacco cigarettes. There are numbers of electronic cigarette providers there and it’s really hard to track the number of the companies. In the following years, the market is expected to grow up to $3 million, without any signs of delaying.

Have a bright future

The electronic cigarette is a bang for the buck, it is not only affordable and convenient, but it is also beneficial for the various health reasons. Awareness of the risk of the tobacco consumption has helped electronic cigarettes to gain its popularity.

There have been lots of various cigarettes substitutes come to the market, but only electronic cigarette has achieved the taste of success. There are numbers of smokers who have turned into electronic cigarette and have never looked back at tobacco.

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