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Everyone Should Know about New Wellness Trends 2015

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The concept of health and wellness really took off well from the year 2014. Aspects like meditation, yoga, microbiome, technology driven fitness, quinoa and fresh juices started ruling the lives of people.

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The trend is expected to get even stronger through 2015 as people embrace this new lifestyle to stay fit and healthy. The top ten wellness trends that are expected to rule 2015 are as follows:

1. It’s about “Wellth”, not Wealth:

“Balance” is the new keyword for achievement. Most people today abhor working for long hours in a soulless job. They are of the opinion that long hours may bring home a pot of gold, but that is a gold lacking the luster of life. More than three-fourth of the population today prefers leading a life that has a purpose and not just overpowered by profits.

People are focusing on the original English word for wealth that is “wellth”. The word “wellth” combines the two words wealth and health. No wonder that yoga and wellness are fast becoming a way of life for people these days. Control things in your life.

2. The Rise of Stealthy Healthy Restaurants:

We will soon come across an increasing number of restaurants that serves the healthiest of foods possible without shouting much about the kind of food they serve. There will be a growing trend of bringing food right from the farm to the table.

3. The Morning Party Is the New after Party:

Partying out late at night will soon be a thing of the past. The new party time is now 7 AM in the morning where a number of people will gather with the purpose of yoga and wellness. They will meditate together searching for that inner solace while they are in the company of great people.

4. The Hottest Gym Is the Great Outdoors:

These days, a majority of people have started believing that the best exercising option is the outdoors. Whether it is cycling, hiking or even playing some sport, doing so in the natural setting helps one imbibe an unmatched positive energy. So, it is time for the gym owners to think of a business alternative.

5. The Ideal Body is the One You Have:

Gone are the days when people tried hard to achieve a perfect body. Now, they have learnt to be happy with the kind of body they have. What’s more, they treat it with care. Finding happiness in oneself is the new key to health and wellness.

6. It’s Time To Take Note Of Telomeres:

Focusing on telomeres has become fashionable these days. People have started paying attention to the fact that change in lifestyle and eating habits can reverse the aging process of an individual.

7. Fitness Omnivores:

In recent times, people are just not sticking to one activity. It has been noticed that they are practicing numerous exercises along with fitness activities to stay fit and agile. Nowadays, fitness has become a way of life rather than a part of it.


8. Supply Chain Transparency in Fashion:

Transparency in the fashion industry with regard to the supply chain management has picked up first in recent times. Several companies are trying to inform consumers about where the cloth was made, what materials were used and whether the workers received proper wages or not. This trend is fast becoming an integral part of overall health and wellness.

9. Supplement Start-Ups:

New companies in the health domain are coming up today that provide easy-to-understand health supplements for youngsters. As a large number of young people today are opting for supplements, this health and wellness trend is here to stay.

10. Functional Medicine Goes Mainstream:

Today, many clinics are focusing more on functional medicines that lay emphasis on the cause of illness rather than on symptom management. They believe if the underlying cause of a health problem can be diagnosed, the cure becomes simpler.

The bottom line is that the year 2015 will be a year with high focus on the wellness quotient that encompasses both mental and physical well-being of people.

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