The Top Ten Best Wellness Programs for Senior Citizens

Everyone dreads the day they are going to get old. Aging is unavoidable and getting old has its share of problems. If you have a loved one who is a senior citizen or you are one yourself, there are some wellness programs you ought to beware about because eventually you or your loved one will no longer be able to do your basic everyday things like they used to.

The following article provides a list of some of the best wellness programs that are recommended for senior citizens.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Program

As you get older, you naturally get weaker. It makes it harder to fight off chronic diseases whether they are new to you or already preexisting. Therefore help will be needed in order to receive the proper care. This program provides the elderly with tools and education for enabling them manage chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, arthritis and depression.

Diabetes Self-Management Training Initiative

Diabetes is mainly prevalent among the elderly. This program is meant to educate the elderly about diabetes and how to manage it. This is one of those conditions that if left untreated and if it gets out of control can become very detrimental for your health or the health of your loved one.

Falls Prevention Initiatives

Falls are the main cause of fatal injuries for 65 year old individuals. Falls prevention programs are designed to increase the participation of the elderly in programs that reduce falls. You might even consider looking into programs such as Life Alert to alert the authorities should an accident happen.

Nutrition Programs

These programs aim at reducing food insecurity and hunger. Nutrition programs also aim at promoting socialization among the elderly, promoting the health of older people and delaying adverse health conditions among the elderly.

Oral Health Programs

Daily oral hygiene, access to oral health and education on oral health are essential in improving an older American’s oral health. Gum diseases can lead to serious ailments such as heart disease and diabetes.

Behavioral Health Program

Behavioral health programs aim at enhancing and maintaining emotional health, preventing suicide and prevent the abuse or misuse of substances.

Social and Recreational Programs

The elderly have a lot of time in their hands. Spending their time is solitude or bored could even cause them to get into depression. Recreational programs such as playing chess and knitting are good for whiling away time.

Max Workout

This program helps produce endurance, create energy and define muscle. These exercises work best with persons who have limited mobility as well as those who are overweight.



A treadmill is an effective fitness program that prevents conditions like osteoporosis. This program helps the elderly maintain muscle strength and prevents bone loss.

Core Strength

Core strength exercises strengthen the diaphragm and lower back hence stabilizing your body during movement.

The elderly need to be cared for sufficiently in their old age. The following programs are some of the basic facilities offered by institutions such as Sunshine Retirement Living, to help the elderly retire in comfort and health.

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