Valentine’s Day Special: How to Celebrate within Your Budget

One of the most anticipated days of the year is coming. Everyone of course is wishing to plan a very special event for their love ones. If you remember a song or a quote saying “love doesn’t cost a thing” it is a true statement.  How to celebrate the Valentine’s Day without have to think about choosing the expensive vacation or gift ever? You have a lot of options here and you can do it from am to pm:

Tips at 12am: Morning Surprise

If your partner is living across the country, calling her/him as a surprise will be delightful. By giving your partner a surprise call or a video call at this hour will show that you are completely into the celebration and you want to make the day very special to both of you. This tip is also great for the couple that lives together. Wishing a happy Valentine’s Day on the first minute of the day is a great way to get the celebration started.

Tips at 7am: Valentine’s Day Breakfast

No need to go to the nearest or far coffee shop to have a breakfast on this special day. The tip is enhancing your decoration. Make your favorite breakfast dish and then decorate it with rose petals and a cute Valentine’s Day card. You can make your breakfast even more special this way.

Tips at 10am: The Message Continues

If you both are working, or you are a college couple this is a useful tip for you. Secretly set an alarm at 10am to your partner’s phone, with the Valentine’s Day wishes on it. Don’t forget, add a memo about meeting to lunch at 12pm.

Tips at 12pm: Valentine’s Day Lunch

It is a full house especially during Valentine’s Day. If you can, why not just have a table for two at home? You can cook the meal together and try a new recipe just for the day. If you want to eat in your favorite restaurant, here is the tip, book your table early..! Make sure that you have your table ready waiting for you on that day.

Tips at 5pm: The Surprise Continues

Make an effort to pick up your girl after work (who says nobody is working on Sunday?). Have a nice date at your favorite places. If you like to have a walk in the park or have a one on one time at the beach, talk about how happy you are all these years together, the plan is all yours. If you have kids, your kids can join you. When you have a family, this day is not all about two of you anymore, but it is also about all of you.

Tips at 7pm: Valentine’s Day Dinner

It’s time to have a dinner. Which one do you prefer? Trying a new recipe at home or dining out? Planning your dinner time for this day will be easy if you know which one that you prefer. If you have a good place to have a family dinner outside, don’t forget to book the table early. Having a table for two at home is not less romantic after all. Plus, you are avoiding yourself from the traffic jam of the night.

Tips at 8pm: Movie Night

You can watch your favorite movie at home together or you can get the ticket in the cinema. With the few more hours of the day, just use it all to celebrate with your love one. You also can go shopping and exchange gift for each other if you are not tired. You might not going to find what you are looking for in the mall if you shop in the last minute. So think your options.

Tips at 10pm: Appreciates Each Other

After celebrating the day with your kids, make sure that you tell the kids about how happy you are as their parents. Show the kids that without them, a family is not going to be completed. If you are not having kids yet, you can appreciate each other and wish to have a very blissful relationship ahead. Take this day as a reminder about how important a happy and healthy relationship to both of you.

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