Understanding the Link Between Stress and Exercise

flexible woman practicing urdhva dhanurasana in studio
Photo by Evelina Zhu on Pexels.com

No wonder, stress can have a huge impact on your mental and physical health. Restless sleep, irritability, worsening job performance, and not to mention the crazy moods.

But we have got some good news for you… Did you know that exercise in any form acts as a vital stress reliever? Whether it is aerobics, yoga, or any other form, discover the link between exercise and stress management here!

Exercise has Stress-Busting Benefits

Daily 20-25 minutes of exercise can boost the production of endorphins and will keep you active throughout the day. Along with cardiovascular health, it can also distract you from daily anxieties.

Let’s delve into the stress-busting benefits which can be achieved by regular exercise.

1. It makes you feel good and improve your mood

Regular exercise helps in enhancing your self-confidence and relaxes your mind. It reduces the risks of depression and anxiety as you regularly begin to disburden your tension aside through movements and physical activity.

2. Warm up yourself before exercising

It is not always a good idea to overdoing anything. Likewise, it is essential to building up your fitness level gradually. The Department of Human Services and Health recommends 150 minutes a week of physical activity for adults.

It can be swimming, brisk walking, or even just running!

3. Make it interesting

Do what you love doing. Exercise in any form yields in increased fitness as long as you do not go overboard. If you love jogging, then jog! If you love yoga, tai chi, swimming or weightlifting, then do so! Doing something which excites you will reduce the stress levels significantly

4. Find a companion

Knowing that someone is waiting for you at the evening walk or the gym, can be a powerful incentive. Any friend, family member, or a co-worker will spring up a new level of commitment in your daily workouts.

5. Stand up and stretch neck tension away

If you have a job which occupies a sitting posture mostly then it’s highly essential to stand up for 20 minutes after every hour and do some stretching! Here is a quick stress reliever neck cycle to repeat every day:

  • Touch your chin to the chest and keep it on for 2 seconds.
  • Touch your left ear to the left shoulder and hold on for 2 seconds.
  • Similarly, bring your right ear to the right shoulder and hand on for 2 seconds.
  • Repeat entire cycle if you loved it!

6. Try to Change Your Routine

Assuming that you’ve always been an athlete. A regular runner or what so ever similarly. In contrast to this, if you take a look at less competitive options like yoga or Pilates classes, these will act as your energy booster and enhance your athletic exercise practices.

Kind, gentle workouts are amazing for stress reduction! Whatever you do, never think of exercise as another item in your to-do-list.

Find an activity which thrills you. It may be playing tennis, or a meditative meander to the park and back. Thinking of exercise as your recreational activity which freshens you up will pump up your endorphins and ease down stress.