Types of Contact Lenses

Types of Contact Lenses

The first ever contact lenses were developed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1508. Since the first ever lens, they have come a long way right from vision correction to wearability.

They are a perfect replacement for someone who doesn’t want to wear glasses.

Contact lenses have come far when it comes to vision correction for various ailments like myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, astigmatism etc.

These contact lenses come in different types from which we can choose according to our purpose. One way of classifying contact lenses is how often they should be replaced.

Daily wear contact lenses

They are often used for health and cosmetic purposes. They are worn every day and have to be taken off before sleep and discarded. They cannot be used again as they are for one-time use only. They are generally safe and hassle-free.

There is no need for cleaning them daily as you are going to discard them after one use. But they prove to be expensive in the long run as you would need to stock your sets and replace them all around the year.

Bi-weekly contact lenses

Instead of replacing them every day, you would need to replace them every two weeks. These contacts need to be cleaned daily before and after wearing to maximize their use.

Some people might find the lens unclear or feel irritation by the end of the second week when it is time to replace them.

Monthly contact lenses

They will have to be replaced every month. In the long run, monthly lenses are the best since you would buy only several pairs a year and that is cheaper than ordering daily or biweekly lenses over a year.

Typically, these lenses last for 30 days and the companies give the maximum amount of time you can wear them continuously without causing adverse effects, usually 8-14 hours in a day.


If your usage is lesser than that, you can stretch the 30 days to even 35. Monthly contact lenses have a greater gas permeability which makes them least irritable to wear for a longer stretch.

But cleaning them with a proper lens solution before and after use is necessary for clarity. When you get them from a well-known manufacturer like solotica hidrocor monthly lenses will be your best investment.

Yearly contact lenses

The most durable type of contact lenses of the lot can be worn throughout the year without being replaced. They also come at affordable prices and are hassle-free as you are free from remembering to order your set on time.

They are usually very thick to give them some durability and hence can be quite uncomfortable for certain people. The cleaning procedure is the most important since you are going to use the same pair all year long. This type is not really for people who have sensitive skin.

If you want to spice up your normal look with contact lenses, you can go for coloured contacts which are available in most of the above-mentioned types, but you would still need a prescription for those.

Solotica has an array of these colours like azul (blue), solotica hidrocor cristal (honey), verde (green), marine, ocre (hazel), graphite, solotica hidrocor ice, quartzo, topazio, esmeralda, crystal, amber and hazelnut (avela). Go for any of the above to experiment with your looks and have fun!