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Trendy Everyday Hairstyles for Teenagers

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Teenagers are very fashion conscious, because they always want to set a good impression on their friends. They are also the first ones to know and adapt new styles and trends that come up, because they want to stand out and look the best.

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If you too are one such teenager, then here are some interesting hairstyles for teenagers, which will help you achieve your chic look on a daily basis.

The waves and the band

These days, there are a huge variety of hair bands that can be found in the market, ranging from plastic ones to metal ones, to even cloth ones.

These bands are available in various colors, designs and patterns. You must definitely get a few of these to match your outfits. For looking really trendy, you must wave your hair slightly, in order to give it a nice texture, and then wear the band.

Playing with braids

Braids can never go out of fashion. You can use double braids to give yourself a younger, cuter look with your summer dresses, or you can opt for a French plait to go with peplum tops and jeans. You can also opt for side braids to go in with your dresses and other casual outfits.

If you like a more princess style look for your prom nights or evenings, then use the front sections of your hair and braid them, leading back into the main braid or ponytail.

Pony magic!

The usual high pony, medium pony and low pony are the classic looks that you can always try. But if you want to add some fun, then go in for a side pony with straight hair, and then give slight curls or waves at the bottom. You can also go in for two ponytails.

While the high two-pony look works best with little girls, teenagers look cute with the low two-pony look. Use nice clips, ribbons and rubber bands to compliment your ponytails.

Punk Style

Poker straight hair with colorful highlights, and the hair cut in a smart, edgy fashion is also a new trend with most teenagers. Some even like the punk touch with a slight puff on the front section of their half up, half down hair look.

This is mostly a cut, rather than something you can style on your own. But yes, you can definitely straighten your hair and attempt to make a bun, with some poking strands of hair coming out in a spiral fashion, which works really well.


Bun Play

Earlier, buns were considered to be a hairstyles for older women, or for those who work in offices or industries where they need to look neat and presentable. However, these days, even teenagers experiment a lot with buns, especially in prom nights, where they have their hair styled as a flower, or a heart on the bun.

Apart from that, you can also give a fun twist to your casual dresses by opting for a side bun, with a cute hair band to go with it.

Author Bio:

Today’s guest post is contributed by Travis Finn. He is a successful makeup artists and a remarkable stylist. He has worked with many popular models and is a known name in the fashion industry.
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