Top 8 World’s Craziest Laws

crazy laws

You may think that chewing gum or playing pinball won’t get you in any legal trouble, but in some places, this is exactly what will happen to you.

These are by far the top 8 craziest laws from around the world.

It’s Illegal to Chew Gum in Singapore

During the 1980s, the government of Singapore was getting pretty annoyed with seeing used chewing gum being disposed everywhere, from seats in public transportation vehicles to school desks, so they wanted to put a ban to chewing gum.

At that time, the Prime Minister thought the idea was too extreme. However, fast forward to 1992, and everything changed.

The biggest railway system in the country was being ruined by people who were disposing used gum on the door sensors of the trains. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Nowadays, only gum that has therapeutic value is legal in this country.

It’s Illegal to Eat in a Place That’s on Fire in Chicago

Not sure why anyone would really want to eat in a restaurant that’s on fire, but just to make sure that people don’t ever do it, the city of Chicago decided to make it illegal.

It’s Illegal to Step on Money in Thailand

This one is pretty tricky. Sometimes you’re walking down the street and see a valuable banknote tumbling and you step on it to make sure it doesn’t get carried away by the wind. Well, it’s not recommended that you do this in Thailand.

Stepping on money in this country it considered very disrespectful (not to mention that they can arrest you for it), considering that Thai currency has a portrait of their king, or some of his deceased relatives, on it.

Penny Use is Limited in Canada

Three years ago, the distribution and overall production of pennies stopped in Canada. Nowadays, there is a limit of 25 pennies per purchase in this country.

It’s Illegal to Die in a Small Town in Norway

This town is known as Longyearbyen, and is famous for being the world’s northernmost settlement that has a population of over 1,000 citizens. But, it’s famous for another thing as well.


Namely, dying has been illegal in this town for over 70 years, since bodies aren’t able to decompose here because of permafrost. So, whenever one of the citizens in this town is in poor health, they are transferred to some other town.

It’s Illegal to Feed Pigeons in Venice

Tourists attract a lot of pigeons, because they always give these little birds something to munch on. However, the city of Venice decided that it wasn’t going to allow people to do this anymore back in 2008, since they saw pigeons harming their famous tourist attractions.

It’s Illegal to Wrestle Bears in Alabama

If you want to take part in some quality bear wrestling, then avoid going to Alabama. Apparently, this ‘sport’ has been popular in this state ever since the 19th century.

In order to prevent bear exploitation, the state of Alabama had to put a ban on bear wrestling ten years ago.

Minors Aren’t Allowed to Play Pinball in South Carolina

This law not only states that minors aren’t allowed to play pinball, but if a parent is caught willingly letting their kids play this game, they are also committing a crime.

This is one of the most absurd laws on the planet, and obviously, not a single police officer pays attention to it.

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