Top 5 Best Retirement Travel Ideas

Macaronis, Indonesia

The idea of retirement is one of those things that makes our daily grind bearable. You have family, friends, money and fame, but for the normal Joe and Jane, retirement is the thing we always look forward to.

It serves as the silver lining at the end of it all, forcing you to get up and put in work every day to make sure that you’re all settled for the future.

After years of being tied down by responsibilities, retirement is the time for you to finally do the things you’ve been dreaming of and saving up for. For many, their bucket list usually involves travelling to their dream destinations.

It’s time to bid adieu to your responsibilities (even if just for a little while!) and finally tick of every dream destination. Whether you’ve decided to travel with your family or you’re going into it as a lone wolf, we’ve compiled the top 10 best retirement trips that will make you wish for an early retirement.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There’s a reason why UNESCO rounded up these world heritage sites. They are the perfect place to experience and immerse in the culture, architecture, history, and sheer beauty of the world.

Perhaps one of the most famous of them is The Great Wall in China, which has been famed all over the world for its breathtaking beauty. Anyone who has ever visited this place can never find the right words to encapsulate just how grand and beautiful this site is.

The Great Wall extends for over 12, 000 miles and is accessible to the elderly who wouldn’t mind soaking in its beauty amidst being exposed to the heat of the sun.  Those who are in need of wheelchairs or other forms of assistance can definitely take part in this beauty as well – given that the site has built-in PWD areas that people in wheelchairs can access.

Make the most out of your retirement, and see for yourself why these sites are worth their recognition.

Sicily, Italy

If you’re someone who’d rather venture into an island that’s brewing with good food, rich culture, and an exciting roster of activities, then Sicily might be the place for you.

This island is overflowing with treats for the eyes as Palermo, Sicily’s capital, is marked by colourful outdoor merchants, sprawling, grand cathedrals, and delicious food at every corner.


One of the sights you should definitely check out is Etna, Sicily’s active volcano. Apart from the natural wonder, vineyards are situated near the volcano as well. You can go on a wine tasting trip right after visiting Etna! How’s that for living your best life?

Most people thinking of retirement envision lounging by the beach as the waves hit the shore. Where better to live this dream than in Sicily? Gorgeous coasts and beaches are abundant in this island, and you’ll definitely find yourself wishing to forever live on the sands of Sicily.

Cruise Trips

You’ve probably gone on a family cruise but for people who are now booking for themselves, you need one that will help you unwind in the best way possible. You don’t have to worry about anyone else, make sure everyone else is having a great time, or constantly check on others’ safety.

It’s time to sail the seas and cater to yourself.

You don’t need to worry about your children, because this trip is just for you and how you’ll spend as you see fit. We suggest that you opt for slow river or continental cruises that will give you enough time to take in and appreciate your surroundings.

One more perk of this is that cruises allow you to get a chance to be familiarised with an area’s culture, art, and history. With cruises, you don’t just visit one place and exhaust all the possibilities there.

Cruises often encompass nearby areas to give you a bang for your buck. This means that you’ll get to visit a new city or country every day, and each sunrise is a call for a new adventure.

Visit Your Roots

As we grow older, we tend to move around and move further away from our roots. We tend to forget where we came from, and lose touch with our family. You’re one of the lucky ones if you currently work and live in your hometown.

We all seek a connection to our past and it may be a good idea for you to discover your ancestry.

This is particularly good for those with foreign roots as you can visit another country, taste their local cuisine, and visit the place your elders grew up in. There are ancestry sites in almost every country, and it can help you get in touch with your family.


Don’t be afraid to talk to the residents and get a feel for what the older people in your family’s lives may have probably been like. Who knows, you might even get to find a distant cousin!

All in all, finding your ancestry in a country is a great experience for you to touch base with family. Life after working tends to change people drastically, and it will be an enriching experience for you.

Theme Parks

Now, don’t give up on us yet. While theme parks were probably curated with children in mind, it doesn’t mean that it can’t cater to adults as well!

You may say that theme parks are only for children, and we wholeheartedly disagree. Theme parks usually have a huge expanse that children will probably get too tired to make the most out of.

First off, make sure that the rides you’re eyeing are okay for you. If you have any limitations or disabilities, seek out theme parks that will be accessible for you. Most offer rides that are friendly for the elderly anyway!

Even if you’re not a fan of rides, theme parks can transport you to a different world through its ambiance alone. They’re designed in a way to feed your fancy, and the wonder doesn’t just stop at the rides; They uphold the magic in every facet of the place.

There’s also much to be applauded for theme park food and drink. These are usually very unique and tailored to fit the aesthetics of the place. Then again, there are the classics like cotton candy and hotdogs that will surely transport you to your younger years.

Snap a few photos, walk around with your closest friends, and remember that you’re only as old as you let yourself feel!

You’ve waited a lifetime to retire. You have to make the most out of it.

Say goodbye to saving up your holidays for a trip, only to drag yourself drearily back to work the next week. You’re finally free from the shackles of responsibilities and requirements; You’re free to do whatever you want!


With your desk job trailing behind you, and a future of possibilities waiting ahead, it’s time to put yourself first.

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