Top 10 Best Mini LED Projectors in 2020

With the increased number of different types of Mini LED Projectors in the market, shopping for one that will suit your needs tends to be such a daunting task, particularly owing to the availability of a broad range of confusing types that are in the market.

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However, if you want to make the best buy, then consider one of the following top 10 best Mini LED projectors in 2020 reviews.

10. AAXA P2 Jr Pico Projector

This is a portable Mini LED projector that weighs 0.3 lbs and it is small in size, hence, can fit in your pocket. It supports video of 1080i, 1080p, and 720p and produces a brightness of 55 lumens. It gives excellent sound quality and good images of 50??.

9. AAXA LED Pico Projector

This is a pocket size device that offers impressive video quality. This Mini LED projector produces 25 lumens of brightness and vivacious color technology; it is suitable for playing games and watching movies. It is easy to operate and comes with an inbuilt long lasting battery.

8. 60? Portable Mini HD LED Projector

This device is extremely affordable with greater performance, it enables you to videos at your home. Its input can be HDMI/VGA/SD card. It has a remote control that makes it easy to operate and with inbuilt speakers that produce clear sound.

7. Taotaole Multimedia Portable LED Projection Micro Projector

This Mini LED Projectors provides you with the best resolution and perfect brightness of up to 150 lumens. It is suitable for home use, you can use it to play games and watch movies, the image size can be adjusted anywhere with Projection distance of 1.2 to 4.0m.

6. AAXA P450 Pico

This is an ultra-bright Mini LED Projector with 450-lumen brightness. It has 15,000 LEDS with vibrant color technology for more clear and quality images. Also, AAXA P2 Jr Pico Projector produces 140-Inch images and it has an 80-minute built-in battery.


This Mini LED Projector comes with the perfect mix of portability and power. It has a compact design that it portable and with HDMI connections for quality video display. Also, it has 1000:1 contrast ratio.

4. Optoma ML550 WXGA LED Projector

Optoma ML550 WXGA LED Projector

It has three-lumen output to enable you to choose one that suits your needs. It has HDMI/VGA connections ports making compatible with different devices. Also, this mini LED Projector is small in size and very light thus making it portable.

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3. LG Electronics PB60G Micro-Portable LED Projector

This Mini LED projector offers a sharp quality with greater brightness. The performance and functionalities of this Mini LED Projectors is really satisfying. You can play presentations by simply connecting a USB directly. It also has 30,000 hrs. Of lamp life.

2. Epson Power Lite 1751 LED projector

This is an incredibly powerful and super thin mini LED projector with XGA performance. It displays exceptional bright colors even when the room is not entirely dark. Also, it is light in weight making it travel-friendly and it is easy to connect HDMI.

1. ASUS S1 LED projector

ASUS S1 LED projector

It has a palm-sized design that makes more portable and best for mobile use. It has an enhanced speaker for reliable sound and it has 100-inch screen display capability with long led life of 30000 hours. Also, it is compatible with many sources.

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