Top 10 Beaches in the World – Information About Different Beaches

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Beaches are a landform of a lake, ocean, river or sea. It consists of loose particles which collected often from rock. For example: cobblestones, gravel, pebbles, sand or shingle.

The particle comprise a beach are rarely genetic in cause. For example: coralline algae or mollusk shells. Seashore is associated with beach. Beaches have four sections:

  1. Swash Zone
  2. Beach Face
  3. Wrack Line
  4. Berm

There are a number of clear parts to a beach that tell the processes that form and shape it. The mostly above part of water influenced by the waves is term the beach berm.

In 19th century the beach development as a famous leisure resort was 1st demonstration of what is now the global tourist industry.  It can be famous on sunny warm days.

Some famous resorts of beaches were set through machines of bathing as constant beach wear dresses in the period was measured modest. Some other beaches such as, nude beaches and top free beaches wherever clothing is optional or not permissible.

But some beaches social norms are important. Almost 30 European countries Canada, Caribbean, Costa Rica, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and New Zealand are the most excellent leisure beaches is award Blue Flag position.

Several beaches are artificial such as Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Monaco, Nottingham, Paris, Rotterdam, Singapore and Tianjin. These beaches are temporary or either permanent.

Beaches are Benefits for Health:

  • Beaches are a quite relaxing and enjoying place, beautiful pleasant view with family and friends.
  • Sun shine is a great source of Vitamin D because Vitamin D only provides from Sun light. Vitamin D is necessary for human bones, skin and health of mental.
  • To get full benefit of sand rejuvenate traits, get a walk near the water where the sand is looser and can wash over your feet.
  • Sun shine decrease your depression and helpful result on factors For example, pressure, sleep and desire.
  • Sea water conserves skin elasticity. Sea is anti aging minerals that can reject your elasticity of skin along with further things. As we mature older our skin needs additional things. Some people wish to look younger.

Top 10 Beaches in the World

1. Ko Pha Ngan

ko pha ngan

  • Country: Thailand
  • Province: Surat Thani
  • Total Area: 125 km square
  • Total population: 13,701

It is beautiful like paradise and more expressly beach of sun rise on Island. Pha Ngan name derives from ngan word, it means sand bar. There are numerous sand bars offshore about the island but it is darling long ago of Thailand.


2. Rainbow beach, Queensland

Rainbow beach, Queensland

  • Population: 1,103
  • Established: 1969
  • Elevation: 14m, 46ft
  • 239km from Brisbane, 75km from Gympie
  • Maximum Temperature: 25.4 oc, 78 of
  • Minimum Temperature: 16.6 oc, 62 of
  • Annual Rainfall: 1218.2 mm, 48 in
  • It is situated in south eastern Queensland, Australia.
  • Its name derives neighboring colorful dunes sand – a combination of black, brown, orange, red and yellow those are formed by a color of rainbow.
  • In the beginning well known Black Beach was located in the town of South Island Fraser.

3. Ko Phi Phi Don

Ko Phi Phi Don

  • It is the largest island of Thailand, situated in province Krabi.
  • It is prepared of limestones.
  • It is squarely on the tourist chart and part of paradise demoralized for internet cafes, restaurants, shanty towns, shops and tourism.

4. Aharen Beach, Tokashiki Island, Japan

  • Location: Pacific Ocean
  • Country: Japan
  •  Largest City: Tokashiki

5. Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia

Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia

  • It is an island approximately 10 miles nautical off the coast of north eastern of West Malaysia in Terengganu state.
  • Tourism activities such as camping, fishing, canoeing, jungle trekking, and banana boat riding also exist.

6. Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

  • This is a lovely, finest scenery and marvelous swimming beach of Thailand. You can get massage people and ladies, eat and cooked barbeque delicious foods roasted chicken and colorful salad lunches.
  • Jet skis, larger louts, noise, over Enthusiastic hawkers, pollution, traffic destroy beach enjoyment.

7. Cayo Largo, Cuba

Cayo Largo, Cuba

  • Country: Cuba
  • Province: Isla de la Juventud
  • Municipality: Isla de la Juventud
  • Elevation: 5m, 16 ft

In 1494 Christopher Columbus visited this island and Sir Francis Drake stopped island globe of circumnavigation.

8. Pantai Tanjung Rhu, Malaysia

Pantai Tanjung Rhu, Malaysia

  • It is situated on Northern side of Langkawi. This is a five star beach, marvelous location for picnic and parties.
  • The speciality of this beach is water clear as crystal, sand was powder fine, clean road, luxury style hotel resorts, looks like natural paradise, beautiful sun light views.

9. Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico

  • Country: Mexico
  • State: Quintana Ro
  • Metropolis: Tulum
  • Earliest inscription: 564 AD
  • Constructed: 1200 and 1450
  • Elevation: 39 ft, 12 m
  • Major Airport: Cancun International Airport
  • IATA Code: CUN
  • ICAO Code: MMUN

It is a largest city occupied and built in Maya site. Well known by the name Zama which means City of Dawn and Tulum estimated population is 10000 to 16000.

10. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

  • 7 km bigger Whitsunday Island, Australia is available by boat.
  • Whitehaven Beach Sea goes swimming in 2 kilometer as piece of Hamilton Island.
  • It is beautiful clean beach.
  • Animals are not allowed and smoking is illegal.

How do Beaches form?

Beaches shape as waves put down sandpaper and other deposit on the beach and blustery weather push these sediments internal. This creates a part of sandpaper particles, now and again with dune following them.


The range and shape of a shore can develop and shrivel radically all from beginning to end its natural life, as it is prejudiced by tides, weather conditions, winds, and artificial objects in the surrounding area.

For that reason, it is probable to path seasonal and yearly change on several beaches, and these change are occasionally used to keep an eye on larger climate trend in the part.

Beach Formation

Beaches formed by deposits of residue and other equipment. Potentially, one cans appearance wherever the sea comes into call with the ground.

The process can get millennia, opening with wave-cut terrace cause by the mountain action on the beach, with physical features.

In excess of time, a firmed area emerges wherever the influence hit the beach, and a beach start to structure. As it increases in level, it gains a better grip; while tiny beaches may disappear entirely in some days, bigger ones will normally remain intact.

As influence push sandpaper and deposit up the seashore, they inexorably leave some behind, particularly when the rush recedes.

Coastal winds then push the sediments up beyond the reach of the waves, where they may remain for long periods. Antique beaches are over and over again bounded by dune.

In adding together to being pull up by the blustery weather sediments can also shift through a procedure known as siltation, when they in point of fact spring back up the shore out of the reach of the effect.

The process of acknowledgment and salutation can be accelerate by storm and other severe weather, causing a beach to grow or shrink depending on which direction the sediment is encouraged in.

Storms over and over again show the way to the acknowledgment of large amount of set down, which possibly will slowly wear down away in the months subsequent the hurricane; in other personal belongings, wholly new beaches outward appearance in rejoinder to remarkable weather conditions.


Beach Structure

A beach can be separated into three key sections.

Beach face fabrication stuck between the little and tall tide script and is the part that has a large amount make contact with waves.

The amount of sandpaper that is deposit here, and the incline of the beach, depends on the quantity of backwash — the wet that run reverse into the ocean.

Back wash carry deposit with it, but a quantity of the wet flow reverses through the sand, so with the intention of present is less water operation reverses than come in.

This revenue that a number of of the grain bring in remains on the beach face. The lesser amount of backwash there is, the more sandpaper that is deposit and the steeper the incline.

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