The Mystery of the Ocean


How often do we think about things which are not present on ground or the land we live on? We are amazed every time we see a display of fireworks; we feel goosebumps and bone chills every time we see something spooky and mysterious in our life.

While all this is never enough to amaze us, there are so many things present that we have yet to explore and discover.

We may look back in the pages of history and had we been the explorers ourselves, we would have been amazed to see the green lands of Amazon being discovered for the first time; the most chilling island, Antarctica; or any strange land that has never been heard of being seen.

We may have discovered just about all corners of the world which cover all possible grounds and lands but that is not the end of the earth, as we know it. Scientifically, our earth is surrounded by 71% water.

This major and overwhelming quantity that our planet holds contains enormous amounts of mysteries. So many tales, myths can be seen in books and heard still to this date owing to the fact that we know so little about the oceans and seas.

We have heard about so many sea monsters, creatures and enormous animals that are traveling in any part of the sea. All this truly makes one feel like he/she is a stranger to the planet.

All this is just what we perceive on the surface. While the water may be holding our ships and boats, we have only managed to explore 2-3% of what’s in the water.

Mysteries of the Ocean

There is not just one mystery of the ocean but there are so many that we don’t even know what lies in the great underwater realm. As dwarf as the human may appear in front of huge whales and sharks, there is so much that is little known to all of us.

There have myths related to sea monsters. One of the famous is the Lochness monster who is claimed to be a famous dinosaur that is a habitat of the deep underwater.

The creature has still not been able to be recorded scientifically, though there are pictures of the creature all over the internet. One famous mystery, that still holds some explanation, is the Bermuda Triangle.


The triangle happens to be the most swallowing mystery of the ocean as it has been known to swallow ships, air crafts that were never recovered.

The scientific reasons state this phenomenon is due to quantities of Methane gas. Also, there have been traces of cities, mountains even pyramids that are not located anywhere near Egypt – and all this is just the portion of 2-3% of what we have found so far.

The ocean is filled with numerous creatures and is filled with immense depth. Of so many myths that surround us, scientifically speaking they may not be true but whatever lies in the depths of the ocean may reveal a lot of creatures, animals, cities, and so many traces of history that we were never aware of.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.