The Most Bizarre Wedding Facts and Traditions From the World

Married to a Tree

Depending on cultures, social circumstances and religions, the universal celebration concepts differ from one country to another in some of the most uncommon ways.

Wedding is considered to be the one celebration that people at every corner of the World celebrate. White dress, flowers, wedding rings, first couple dance and honeymoon are just some of the most cliché, well known facts that almost everyone knows.

But, the truth is, there are some interesting and bizarre traditions and concepts of this occasion that you might have never imagined they existed!

Let’s see some of the most unusual ways people from everywhere use to tie the knot, and actually they do might probably have some bad opinions about our, so lovely, traditions:

Aggressive Bridesmaids

In china, when the groom comes to get his bride, he prepares himself to face some angry and aggressive bridesmaids that have created a strong circle to protect their friend.

In order the groom to get his wife and take her to the wedding, he has to do whatever bridesmaids demand him to. They usually ask him money or engage him on some difficult tasks that he has to do so they can know his love is strong enough and totally deserves the bride.

Well, this tradition isn’t quite as bad as it sounds right?

Blackening of the Bride

Blackening of the Bride

This tradition belongs to Scotland. It is a way to test the nature and character of the soon to be bride.

If she is capable to handle the marriage or not, it all depends on how well she handles the pre-ceremony test. 24 hours before the big day, the bride’s friends and families, tie her on a tree or chair and start throwing every nasty and discussing thing you can ever imagine on her.


They throw food trash, dirt, eggs, fish, pretty much covering her in grossness! She stays that way for a couple of hours and then she can truly believe she is ready to get married! Well done Scotland!

Beating Grooms Feet

Beating Grooms Feet

After the wedding ceremony, the groom in South Korea gets beaten by his friends on his feet. They take the groom and tie his feet with a rope.

Then, they remove his shoes and lift his legs off and start beating them with a stick. They also start asking difficult questions to him to see how well he can handle the pain during the ceremony execution.

This is e very common wedding tradition applied through many years and it is actually a fun ceremony that tends to test the grooms strength for the first night of marriage.

Married to a Tree

Married to a Tree

Did you know that in India, some women get married to a tree? Yes, they actually take this tradition very seriously.

If a woman is born in an astrological combination when Mars and Saturn are both in the 7th house, is believed she is cursed. These women are believed to cause a pre-death to their husband so, to break this curse, they fist get married to a tree.

After the wedding, the tree is destroyed and the curse is gone. Then, they are free to get married to their second husband… this time with a real man…

You Can All Kiss the Bride

Yes, you can. If you are single and a guest on a Swedish wedding, no one will get offended by this act. This is a Swedish tradition that is nowadays still very common.


During the wedding ceremony, the groom should disappear for an hour so he can leave his bride free to get kissed by all the young and unmarried men attending the wedding. The same happens to the groom too.

The bride has to leave the ceremony so her groom can try to get kissed by all the other young and single females on the wedding that might actually have a crush on him…

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