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Taylor Swift Shares Tips on Love and Relationships

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Taylor Swift is one singer that no doubt is extremely talented as a matter of fact, this songwriter can be considered one of the most successful in the music industry worldwide. Just in case you do not know all Taylor Swift songs are autobiographical and this lady has had quite a number of relationships.

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As Taylor Swift is about to turn thirty, a lot of people are wondering what this beautiful woman has learnt about love so far. We got lucky enough to have her reveal the love life lessons she has learnt until now, and we are ready to share all the juicy information with you.

30 things taylor swift learnt before turning 30

Taylor Swift recently gave an interview titled 30 things I learnt before turning 30 for the newest issue of Elle. Taylor shared that even though most of the time she feels like she is still 18 there are a lot of times when she feels like she’s 283 years old.

Miss Swift has had copious relationships over the years, and a lot of those relationships were very complicated. Honestly speaking it is quite difficult to keep track of all the relationships that this young lady has had over the past ten years.

For some reason, she thought it was the best idea to be as transparent and sincere than she has ever been during her interview with Elle.

The 30 things that Taylor Swift shared during her interview are quite relatable, and a lot of women love it as you read. Further, you would get all the juicy details about the most eye-catching love lessons that your favourite singer shared.

1. It is important to know a person before jumping into a relationship with them

This right here is what I consider an exceptional life lesson and a very vital one when it comes to dating. In fact, this is the best advice anyone can ever give you.

The first impression they say matters a lot, but they are not everything. It is best that you observe a person’s personality and character over a period of time. Some of the things Taylor Swift says she looks for in a guy are honesty, self-awareness, reliability, and humour.


2. Stay as far away from drama as possible

Nobody wants to have drama in their life, and Taylor Swift is definitely one of those people who cannot stand drama. The singer claims that banishing all forms of drama is important.

What this means is that it is vital you let go of anybody who will drain or hurt you. In such a situation, blocking the person’s number is the least you can do for sanity sake.

4. Transparency and good communication is the key to any successful relationship

Taylor Swift shared that a lot of people think relationships are a game of chess, but that is not the case she emphasised on the importance of transparency and sincerity about how you feel.

So if you have been playing mind games, Taylor Swift is advising that you drop the heart because your partner might not be a mind reader and it is best that you come out direct and make them understand how things affect you.

5. How to solve an argument with your significant other

Lesson 22 of Taylor Swift’s thirty lessons about relationship talks about the ways you can solve an argument with your partner without ruining things.

Swift pointed out that you should make sure you’re always fair and also fight fair with the person you claim to love. What this would mean is that you have to listen to each other and leave your ego aside.

Keep your anger in check and let your main focus be the beautiful things that both of you have built together so far.


6. Learn to apologise

The words “I am sorry” can solve a lot of problems but as easy as it may seem it is quite a challenge for some people to bring themselves to apologise for their wrongs sincerely.

Taylor Swift has made us understand that being able to apologise is an important life lesson because it is the only way you can make up for something you have done to hurt someone apart from repenting.

Whenever there is a misunderstanding, always apologise and move on with your life. The more you make excuses for your wrong actions, the more difficult it is to have a smooth and healthy relationship with your significant other. Make sure that a sincere apology is always very easy for you to offer.

I’ll be sure these tips can help Taylor swift in her relationships?

Taylor Swift

Well a lot of us think that we learn every day from our experiences and Taylor Swift has definitely learnt so much throughout the past ten years.

And also, from the challenging relationships she has had to get involved in, what we can say is that it appears that the love lessons and some other life lessons will help to shape her relationship with people and even fix some of the feuds she has had in the past.

We are happy that Taylor Swift was generous enough to share her relationship advice with the rest of the world, and also give people the opportunity to learn from her experiences. This interview has revealed to us that even though the singer is young, she understands human nature to a very reasonable extent and she has learnt important things so far.

To get the complete 30 love lessons that your favourite singer shared, you just have to wait for the release of the next issue of Elle magazine till then keep your fingers crossed and enjoy the few that we have shared with you.


We hope that you enjoyed this article and you’ll find it quite useful. Please do not hesitate to interact with us by leaving a comment below if you have any suggestions or opinions that you like to share.

Also, do not forget to share this article on your social media platforms so that others can also learn the basic tips they need for a successful relationship.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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