Talk Show Host Montel Williams Near Death Experience After Suffering a Stroke


It was a close call with death for the senior writer and reporter Montel Williams after suffering from a massive stroke in May 2018. Montel Williams had a near-death experience and almost didn’t make it after suffering from a stroke that landed him in the hospital for 21 days.

The former talk show host revealed this in an interview recently. He said that for him, the day had started just like every other day and he decided to hit the gym. Everything was going on normally until something went terribly wrong and it all changed.

“I looked up, and everything felt like I was viewing the world through a kaleidoscope,” he told the Blast on October 10 in an interview.  According to him, he was doing dumbbell squats when he suddenly heard a loud pop and all of a sudden couldn’t see anymore.

He said that he knew something was major wrong and so he decided to force himself up to get to his room which was on the 14th floor. There, he decided to call his wife. His wife, Tara Fowler immediately decided to call 911, and the fears of the couple were confirmed.

The 62-year-old talk host show was suffering from a massive hemorrhagic stroke. According to him, he knows that he had almost given up the ghost and that he was lucky to be alive. All thanks to the quick actions of his wife, he had managed to pull through.

A special ambulance which had been set aside for stroke victims was sent to the hotel where they were staying. In the ambulance, he was able to get a critical CT scan right there while they were still trying to get to the hospital.

“I give all thanks to my beautiful wife. She stayed beside me all through the 21days, sleeping in the hospital, spending 18 hours every day laid out on the hospital bed until it was necessary for her to go home. The only thing I remember her saying to me in the ICU where I stayed for 5days was I love you” Montel said.

While he is still recovering and still under some medications, Montel is already out of the hospital and says he is almost completely healed. He says that he is feeling absolutely tremendous and taking things slow.

According to him, that incident was a wake-up call for him to slow down his pace. Instead of his 300% that he had been working on, he says he is ready to slow down to 100%. We are grateful that he is okay and alive, we hope he gets off his medications soon and gets back to his feet.

Kingsley Felix
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