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Simple Ways to Keep a Guy Interested

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Keeping a relationship is not always very easy as some people may say. While you try to do everything you can to ensure things go smoothly, you should not make the mistake of trying too hard and putting more efforts in pointless things.

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Men are not all that complicated, all you need do is to understand what you’re getting yourself into and work smart. Here are a few tips on how to keep a guy interested in you.

Develop Interest in the Things He’s Interested In:

When you develop interest in the things he’s most passionate about like his favorite movies, music, games, books and other things that interests him, it shows him that you are open to learning more about him and you’re willing to share that part of him.

Appreciate Everything He Brings to the Table:

A man will always stay nice to you when you show appreciation to whatever he brings home. This will make him feel enticed to you and he’ll want to do more for you.

Maintain Your Life Outside the Relationship:

Giving up everything you were before you started the relationship might put too much pressure on him. So you do not have to give up your sense of individuality because you’re in a relationship with him.

Do Not Rush Him Through the Stages of The Relationship:

You don’t have to be in a rush making him to feel pressured. When you start rushing him through the various phases of the relationship, you might end up making him feel uncomfortable and even scare him away completely in the process. You have to adjust with him accordingly.

Accept the Fact That He’ll Need His Space Sometimes:

You might think that being close to him all the time will make your love for each other grow stronger or make you know him more better but occasionally, he’ll require his own space and privacy this is because he’s still his own person. He’ll need some time alone to think and plan and do his personal stuff. There’s no reason for you to be scared at that point in time just be confident that he’s always going to come back to you.

Be Yourself:

If you really want a lasting relationship with a guy then you should be your true self around him. He would want to be with an idealized version or a fake you either so you should be true to him.

Don’t Be Too Uptight:

Be sure to loosen up and have some fun with him. If he doesn’t enjoy the time he spend around you, coming home to be with you becomes a difficult task for him. And he might end up thinking that the relationship is not worth being in.

Allow Him Take Care of You:

You might be a strong and independent woman, and that’s one of the reasons he really likes you. So you don’t have to make him feel like he’s not needed. Allowing him to take of you by letting him do some stuff for you often will make him know that he holds value in your life.


Love Yourself:

It is easier for others to love you if you love yourself. When you love yourself, you’ll be able to highlight the best aspects of your personality and make it feel like you’re unconsciously permitting others to fall in love with you.

Loveth Oghara
Interesting, Smart, and Simple

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