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Simple Tips for Destroying Your Relationship

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While some of us are looking for the right words to say to save our relationships, some people are looking for the perfect words to say when they need to destroy theirs. This article is designed to help you ruin your connection as fast as possible.

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You already know that a woman isn’t a prize to be won; however, winning the emotional support of a girl can be daunting and sometimes a seemingly impossible task.

Your confidence appearance and demeanour are things that will play a determining role in your game play when it comes to getting a woman to like you. A lot of times you find yourself confused as to how much of these things are required.


However, even though all of these traits play a pivotal role none of them can be compared to your communication skills. Since I have already pointed this out, it is time for you to work on your charm by knowing the right words to say.

1. pick up lines

Pick up lines can sometimes be very useful. However, most of the time regardless of who are many conversations with the answer I get whenever I talk about pick up lines is that it is only useful if it is delivered as a joke.

What I am trying to say is people have come to understand that it because lying should not be intentionally clever cheesy and followed by a laugh – that is the only way your date will be laughing with you instead of laughing at you.

This doesn’t mean that any pickup line that comes out of your mouth would end up being something to smile about if it is a cheesy line; it will always be a cheesy line.

Never say things like;

“My name is Patrick, but I don’t mind you calling me ‘tonight.'”
“do you have wi-fi? because I seem to be getting a strong connection.”
“do you want to have good sex?” the lady replies no “then come to my place!”


2. First date

I do not want you to agree with me if you don’t wish to, but whether you choose to see it in this manner or not every first date is more like a job interview.

The most exciting part is that the more you like a girl, the more things you feel on the first date because it is like trying to get the job of your dreams. this can sometimes be quite horrifying because you’re going to be nervous.

If you discover that some embarrassing quips slip then you have nothing to worry about even though you wish they hadn’t.

Things to never say;

You’re not a feminist, are you? And blah blah blah about which is think of feminism. Chances are your teeth will be so fresh grated and eventually storm out of the restaurant and begin to make facebook posts about how annoying a date with you was.

Never ask if your date has sex on the first date if it is going to happen just let it happen.

Never asks how many dudes she has slept with from tinder even if that way she met you.

3. Before sex

Just in case you did not know the few minutes before sex are incredibly vital in determining how she’s going to perceive your activities and what will happen after that.

If you mistakenly say the wrong thing, the intimacy you have struggled hard to build towards all night will crumble like a pack of cards and the next thing she’ll call a uber and dump your ass right there.

Before sex avoid saying things like;


“there is a toga party tomorrow so let’s keep the sheets clean.”
“sorry dear, what’s your name again? (she says her name) “right, that’s what I thought.”
“get ready to meet king kong.”

4. During sex

When you are having sex with someone, there are two things that your words can do you don’t make the sexual experience more intense and memorable or reeling the entire thing for both of you.

Sex for men is mostly a physical thing, but for women, that is not the case. While you may be feeling like a professional when it comes to using different sex techniques a woman wants to feel connected with you and your sex techniques is not all that it takes to give her that toe-curling experience.

Never say things like;

” Hey, what’re your teeth. I do want you biting my dick.”
” we should probably finish up fast your car will be here soon.”

5. After sex

After sex with your date whether it was good or bad make sure to end every sexual conversation. Understand the real-life sex is not like in the movies where you have to complement each other or say a lot of things when you’re done.

Things you shouldn’t say include;

“So what do you say we do this again same time next week?”
“Don’t forget to say hi to my mum on your way out”
“You’re one of the best people have ever had sex with.”

Now you know what to say when you want to end your relationship, and you know what to say when you want to preserve it. We hope that you find this article very useful.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you have other tips that you feel will be helpful to save or destroy a relationship. We look forward to interacting with you.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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