6 Rich and Famous Before They Were Famous

Miley Cyrus

We all know the kind of life famous people live. They get to enjoy the finest things with no problem at all while others spend their 9 to 5 working hard to make a living and pay all be bills and rent by the end of every month.

It’s true that many celebrities have started their life and career from the bottom by working really hard creating and maintaining their fortune. On the other hand, there are some of them that have born into it.

They were not only born into wealthy families, but even their parents have had the same story, and the best part is, they are still making millions and have in plan to stay that way despite their talent.

Let check out some of the most notable cases of these lucky people!

1. Adam Levine

Adam Levine

Adam Levine may have created quite an empire for himself the last 10 years, but his family had an empire too.

He is the son of well-known retail clothing chain businessmen, Fred Levine. He also met two of his group members while attending one of the most famous private schools: Brentwood.

They started making music on their house garage and then they used their well connections to go through fame. Now, they are one of the most famous bands ever and their families are richer than ever too.

2. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is just another celebrity who was born rich. Both his parents are successful artists which ran an independent art consultancy for many years.


They have lived all their lives in a picturesque town called Framingham well known for its wealthy citizens.

Despite this fact, we all agree when talking about his talent. And know you know where he found the right genes.

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Yes, she is born rich too. In fact, she has one of the richest celebrity families.

Her father has been a successful financial adviser whose father was a bank president, his grandfather too and his great grandfather too.

They have several vacation homes and other properties. Although she has built her own empire through the songs she sings and writes, let’s face it, family does help especially when it has that much financial background and power.

4. Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke

He is now a successful singer with some big hits like “Blurred Lines” and other provocative songs. But, did you know that his father was Alan Thicke?

He became a household name in US by playing an important role on the “Growing Pains” show in late 80s and early 90s. Anyway, let talk about his other parent, his mother.

She is Gloria Loring, a singer, actress and one of the most well-known characters in “Days of Our Lives” famous TV show.


5. Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

Growing up with a superstar father is not a usual thing to happen and especially when he is Stephen Tyler, the rocker of Aerosmith.

Liv, a former child model, now an actress, has always dreamed of being a superstar like her dad. Her mother is Bebe Buell, a well-known model and singer in 80s. they have been living the good life for many decades and now is their children’s turn to continue making money.

Don’t make us start with her sister Chelsea who has decided to follow her father’s steps in music even though success isn’t seen to knock on her door that much.

6. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

When she was born, her father was a hit maker and his songs especially “Achy Breaky Heart” which was number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

His net worth is estimated to be over 50 million dollars. It is not hard to believe her father’s career gave her a big help on her road to success starting with a main role at the Disney show “Hannah Montana”.

Now her net worth is estimated to over 165 million dollars. It seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?

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