Top 7 Reasons to Go to a Music Festival This Year

Music Festival

Festivals… Well, speaking for myself I would say you can’t not go to a festival! Everyone should try it atleast once. I’m sure that other festival-lovers will agree with that.

Anyway – I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the main reasons why festivals are so awesome and loved by so many, here we go:

1. The Music

Probably the most obvious one here, but if you haven’t been to a music festival then you won’t understand until you have! Seeing some of your favourite acts live is absolutely incredible and is usually a big factor in why people go to certain festivals.

Not only do you get the chance to see great acts that you love, you also get to discover new artists that you may not have heard of, or new music styles you never knew you liked!

2. The Atmosphere

The festival atmosphere is what makes them so amazing. There is a wonderful sense of community. A weekend at a festival is quite unlike a weekend anywhere else, you can have a laugh with complete strangers and everyone’s on the same festival vibe.

There is usually a very diverse range of people at a festival and you will see and meet people who perhaps you wouldn’t have expected to see there if you walked past them in the street, which is good.

3. The Outdoors

Sleeping for 3 nights in a tent in the middle of a field might sound pretty dreadful, but the whole staying outdoors experience at a festival is great and it certainly grows on you!

Having your own little room right nearby such great music is great, though, think about it… You get to plod back ‘home’ when you’re knackered from dancing, have a snack etc., then pop right back – brilliant!

And let’s not forget the beautiful sun and the refreshing cool breeze that tend to accompany a festival.

4. Bonding

As well as meeting and having a laugh with new people, a festival can bring current friends closer together, especially in larger groups with friends you may not have really connected with yet.


5. Fancy Dress

Tons of people at festivals wear fancy dress! It’s an opportunity for people to express themselves and an opportunity to wear a crazy outfit! This can be massive fun if you and all your mates wear ridiculous costumes!

6. Seeing Celebrities

It can be really surreal seeing a celebrity in real life, but it’s awesome! You can get some memorable pictures of the musicians you like and if you’re lucky you’ll bump into them walking around the festival site!

7. Enjoy Yourself

A festival is the chance to relax, sort of.. It’s the chance to have a mental weekend, create memories you’ll never forget, and have a weekend where you can just be yourself and have fun. Festivals are always the highlights of my year!

We reckon we’ve got it all right there. And to repeat – if you haven’t been to a festival before, now’s the time to change that! You are missing out on a whole new world.

If you think we’ve missed any good reasons, share them in the comments below!