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Pros of Vegan Beauty Products

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For you to understand the pros of vegan beauty products, the first and most important thing is for you to learn the difference between cruelty-free goods and vegan goods.

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A lot of people often mistake both terms. The two concepts are completely different things, and they have different impacts as well on the body.

Vegan product means that the cosmetic itself does not contain any ingredients that are made from animals, or anything linked to an animal at all. So when we talk about vegan products were talking about the ingredients used rather than the means of production or the method of production.

On the other hand, if we talk about cruelty-free products we are referring to the ingredients and the final product not being tested on animals. so cruelty-free products are more concerned about the testing process rather than the ingredients used in the production.

There is a high possibility for cruelty-free products not to contain vegan ingredients like Leilani honey gelatin cholesterol and albumen.

A couple of dermatologists may strongly recommend that you avoid some specific ingredients in the beauty products you use. One of the major elements that are frowned continuously upon by dermatologists is lanolin, and that is commonly found in products. This ingredient for example clogs your pores and causes inflammation and acne.

There are beauty shops with the belief that the best thing about switching from regular beauty products to vegas beauty products is that you automatically avoid the skin-damaging ingredients without even having to check your labels plant-based products are designed to allow your skin breath because they are natural cosmetics.

Vegan Beauty Products

As you can see, there are many other benefits you can get from using plant-based products and if you’re wondering what does benefits are as you read further you will discover them:

1. They contain fewer ingredients: it has been found that most vegan products include fewer ingredients you can notice that from the ingredient list they’re usually shorter compared to non-vegan products and you already know that the less amount of ingredients used in your beauty product the better it is for your skin.


2. You get an anti-ageing cream: the primary trick to anti-ageing skin product is not actually a fancy ingredient as a lot of people think.

It is vitamins and moisture, and those two things are what they can products water and oils are known to provide so when you switch to using a vegan product you automatically get an anti-ageing cream without putting in too much effort to find one.

3. Anti-animal testing: even though the ingredients used in vegans body products have no connection whatsoever with animals, there are some companies that might decide to test them on animals. However, a majority of the gun brands do not allow animal testing so if you feel you want to be 100% sure that your product is cruelty-free you can check the label to find out.

4. You’ll be helping the planet – by using only plant-based products, you would be helping to reduce climate change without having to struggle too much.

According to some particular reports, the farming of animals and also the processes involved can lead to climate change so when you switch to using vegan products you’ll be helping not only yourself but everyone else imagine how much improvements the world would experience if everyone chooses to use only vegan products.

5. Say goodbye to dry skin – When you’re switching to vegan body care products one thing you must have in mind is that these products usually contain a lot of water and the good thing about that is you can finally wave goodbye to dry skin.

Most plant-based products are easy for the human skin to absorb so when you combine these two things together you would constantly have smooth and properly hydrated skin.

6. Vegan products are great for sensitive skin – Every skin type will benefit greatly from using vegan products however the one that is most likely to enjoy this product is the sensitive type.

It is difficult for any skin type to get irritated by vegan products and that saves you a lot of money if you have a sensitive skin unlike when you have to deal with regular products that your skin reacts to, and then you keep looking for the one that suits your skin.

7. Vegan beauty products have good quality – In countries where vegan products are not really common, when people get to see them they assume they are very of low quality.


For some other people because the ingredient lists are not usually long, it is assumed that vegan products are not of the best quality, but in reality, the reverse is the case. Vegan products are better than most traditional body products because all the ingredients are natural and chemical free.

8. You do not have to bother about dealing with allergies – The way it is when you buy some regular traditional beauty products and you have to think about allergic reactions well-taken products have decided to stand out on that part.

Trying a new product is always very scary for a lot of people however if you do not try these products you will not be sure whether or not it is good for your skin.

When it comes to vegan products, you can try as many as possible and hardly ever have a skin reaction. But, if you’re still bothered, you can decide to try the product on your wrist first and see if you react to it if you don’t then you can go ahead to apply it all over your face. We do agree that it is better to be safe than sorry.

The conclusion of the matter is that there are billions of reasons why you should choose to switch to vegan products.

It is wonderful for your skin, it is great for your overall health, and even our planet can benefit from it. Achieving all of this is not difficult, all you have to do is switch from products that have any trace of animal cruelty.

If you have tried vegan products before, or you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to use the comment section below.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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