Priyanka Chopra Already Engaged to Nick Jonas?


Another wedding bells has already started ringing but this time it is between our beautiful and talented actress Chopra Priyanka and sensational singer Nick Jonas. Just barely a week after Justin Beiber proposed to his love Hailey Baldwin, we see another celebrity proposal and not just a proposal but an engagement party already.

Chopra and her husband-to-be who is a Texan singer and was formally a part of the group known as the Jonas brothers held a private engagement party in her family house in Mumbai India on Saturday 18th August 2018. Both wore sensational Indian clothes and were really spectacular.

For the past few weeks though before the couple decided to come out and confirm their engagement, there had been rumours going about concerning the pair and the fact that they were already engaged but were waiting to make it official but then the couple never came forward to confirm the engagement till today.

It was rumoured that Nick had apparently popped the question on the 36th birthday of our sizzling actress and guess what? I know you know already, she said yes. This had recently happened when they were in London for Chopra’s day.

Nick’ parents were also in attendance of the occasion in chopra’s home in Mumbai and they had been there for the festivities preparations as well. The Roka event which involved Chopra wearing a bright yellow beautiful Abu Jani San deep kholsa couture Salwar suit and Nick had worn an ivory Kurta churidar. Who knows what that means? But we are sure of one thing though, the beauty!!!

The Quantico Actress had taken to her instagram to post pictures from the ceremony. The pictures had included one in which her and her fiance were praying and also a photo of the two love birds and his parents Kevin Jonas Snr and Denis Jonas. They also took pictures with her mum Mahdu Chopra and her sibling(her brother) Sidharth Chopra.

The actress had written on her instagram that “The only way to do this is with family and God. Thank you for all your wishes”. And her father-in-law had also taken to instagram to also welcome Chopra into their family and to express his heart desire and joy concerning their marriage.

Although a tiny bit of concern arose when the singer’s brothers were not present at the engagement ceremony of their brother. His brother Joe Jonas was seen with his fiancee who had starred in the movie series Game of thrones in New York the day before their engagement party. But then it seems all is well as Joe took to instagram to congratulate the couple and likewise Joe’s fiance congratulating the couple and her expressing her heart felt joy concerning the couple.

As happy as we really are for her though, there are still some critics who are whispering concerning their age difference. Apparently Chopra is 36years old while Nick is 25 years old. Critics are whispering concerning the whooping 11years age gap difference between the two love birds. Some are even thinking Chopra decided to marry Nick simply because she is getting desperate and tired of being single. But really, who cares?

The pair had met for the first time in 2017 where the couple had attended a gala and had walked on the red carpet shockingly together. They couple said that at that time, they didn’t know or have an idea that things were going to get on a personal level with the both of them and he had proposed to her exactly a year and a month after.


Priyanka Chopra was born in July 18th, 1982 and she is a former miss world queen who was crowned in the year 2000. She had made over 50 films in Bollywood and she became part of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood alongside her many awards and accolades.
She recently broke in the U.S industry popularly known as Hollywood with the movie series Quantico and Ventilator, not to forget her sensational acting in the movies Baywatch and a kid like Jake. She has been included on 2017 Forbes list of the most powerful and influential women in the world.

Asides that, she was named 2years ago by Times magazine as one of the 100 most influential people around the world and just recently she made the list of invited guests to the royal wedding between Megan Markle and Prince harry. Isn’t she wonderful?

Nick on the other hand is 25 years old and due to the his good looks and charming personality, he is a darling and sweetheart of the media. But then, he doesn’t act his age. Most people can’t really believe Nick is only 25 when he reacts, talks and carries himself in a more matured and more sophisticated way.

Well, the age difference didn’t stop their love and affections for the both of them and we must confess, they look absolutely gorgeous with each other. We wish you both many years together and we are rooting out for you both.

Deborah Akinola
Wirter, poet and public speaker