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Prepping up for Pest Control

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When you are faced with a heavy pest infestation, you immediately call for help. As soon as you find some reliable pest control professional, you think your work here is done.

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But this is where the real work starts from, you and the pest control professional need to work hand in hand to make the treatment effective or else it’s a waste of time and money.

Now, you must be wondering, what is the point of you working with your pest control professional? Well, it’s not like you are going to help him/ her with the treatment but some post service cooperation is needed on your part.

If you don’t prepare your area that needs to be treated then the service will not actually rid you from pests and the infestation might stay as it was before the service.

Pest control professionals, fail to indicate proper arrangements that are needed on the vicinity owner’s part to make the whole service more effectual.

The kind of preparations you need to make depends on the pest infestation you are getting the service done for. Here are the preparatory details for different services.

Preparing for Creepy Crawlies

From cockroaches, bed bugs to fleas, these creepy crawling insects are a real nuisance if they start living and growing in or around your place.

Here are some general preparations you need to get rid of them, once and for all.

  1. Edibles, even the ones that are stored somewhere, should be properly sealed. In fact, most professional pest controllers suggest that you remove any food items from the area where the treatment will be done.
  2. Better empty storage spaces, like shelves, cupboards or other such things because these are the most favorite parts of your home where pests live. To ensure, the treatment covers all such areas, remove everything from them. Properly conceal any fish tanks if you cannot remove them.
  3. Move furniture placed by the wall, to provide more access for the pesticides to reach every nook and corner where they might be living.
  4. Evacuate your place and take your pets along for the specified time as suggested by your service provider.
  5. If there are people with allergies or any medical conditions, tell the technician beforehand.
  6. Get your pets treated for fleas and bugs prior to the pest extermination service.

Rat Prep

If you’re getting your home treated against a rat, rodent or mice infestation then just a few things before service will help your pest controller in making the service more effective.

  1. Empty your refrigerator from inside and remove everything on top of it; particularly food.
  2. Vacate your basement, so that your pest controller can work without any obstructions and properly place baits or pesticides at every access point.
  3. Cover up any openings which might be serving as open doors for rodents to come into your vicinity. Holes, gaps, cracks, crevices and all sorts of cavities should be properly sealed to ensure there will be no future rat invasions.

Preparing for Termites

Termites can be hard to get rid from, because of their different species and varying nature. Let a professional with proper knowledge and expertise in the field help you deal with these destructive pests.

  1. The most important preparative measure you need to make is to move any moveable furniture alongside your interior walls.
  2. The professional might tell you that he will be drilling holes, so better stay prepared for some real work which might take a day or two.
  3. If you have wooden furniture infected with termites, then remove everything anything stored in cupboards and closets so that there remain no traces of pesticide and dust on things you use.

Pest controlling and extermination is a two way process which requires effort from your part as well. If you want the treatments to last long then you need to properly follow these guidelines.

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