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10 Places to Visit in Paris at Night

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Paris is a place with many nicknames. For some people, Paris is a city of romance, and If you’ve seen movies like; Before sunset, Breathless, Two days in Paris, or Midnight in Paris, you’ll see the reasons why.

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Paris is also known as the City of Lights because it is well lighted with street lights. It was one of the earliest cities to switch from oil lamps to electrical bulbs in 1878. Its lights have been the inspiration for many artistic and creative works. For many people, these lights give a magical romance feeling in the city at night!

Paris is also a global center for arts, culture, and fashion. With many notable landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, Place de la Concorde, and the 12th-century Gothic Notre-Dame cathedrals amongst others.

Best places to see in Paris at night

With so much romance and flair, hospitality, and sites to see, the city of Paris is a beautiful place to be during night times. Here is a list of the best places to see Paris at night enjoy the magic!

1. The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower
source: Flickr/Sathish J

Not only is it a romantic site as featured in different movie scenes, but there are also several restaurants, champagne bars, macaroon pastry shops in that area, the Eiffel Tower offers tourists a dinner at a fancy restaurant on the top.

Furthermore, the sight of the 324 meters high towers well lighted with over 20,000 light bulbs is one to behold at night time. No doubt the Eiffel Tower is singlehandedly the most outstanding structure in Paris

This steel building is located on the West side of Paris, and you can get there through the Bir-Hakeim subway station or via the RER C (Champs de Mars – Tour Eiffel station).

2. Les Berges de Seine

Les Berges de Seine

Les Berges de Seine is a waterfront that offers visitors a view of the shining Eiffel Tower, the famous Orsay and Louvre Museums, and Grand Palais (nouveau building).


Starting at the Alma bridge, up to the Solférino bridge, which connects the left bank with well known Tuilleries Gardens, the area is a place to chill out, eat and drink, as well as exercise.

There are really nice restaurants and bars, where the visitor can grab a drink at night while enjoying the light reflections in the Seine river.

3. Bouillon Racine

Bouillon Racine

If you’re up for some desert, or a fresh cod with ratatouille or a delicious slow-cooked beef, Bouillon Racine is the perfect place to visit. A popular restaurant is situated in the student district called Quartier Latin.

It’s interior, and stunning art nouveau decoration will surely amaze you. Shiny mirrors, light green walls, and golden ornamental decoration will give you that beginning of the century feel.

Don’t forget to try the most famous French pastry – the decadent layered dessert l’Opéra. It is accessible from subway stations Saint-Michel and Cluny-la Sorbonne.

4. Polidor


Not too far from Bouillon Racine is a tiny restaurant with a warm and accommodating atmosphere called Polidor. If you’ve watched the movie Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen, you sure have to check out this restaurant as it was featured in the movie.

Modest interior, wooden tables with simple checkered tablecloths, and dim lights give a perfect romantic atmosphere.

You can have a glass of wine in the night time and pick a home-made dish from a large offer for dinner.


Delicious home-made potato purée with chicken breast is an excellent choice.

5. Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum

How about a bit of art and culture to spice up your trip, some museums in Paris like Louvre Museum offer night tour for visitors.

It is one of the biggest museums in the world, and it is home to many vital artifacts and pieces of art. You can find treasures and mummies from ancient Egypt, statues from Greece, as well as Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Mona, Lisa painting.

The stunning lighting of the building will make you enjoy the collection under cover of a night charm, giving you a feel like you in a dream. Trust me, its an experience to behold!

Louvre is open to visitors till 10:45 pm. To avoid the daily rush and explore Louvre on Wednesday or Friday night.

6. Le Rex Club

Le Rex Club

In Paris, there’s something perfect out there for all categories of late-night revelers. If you don’t know much about Paris, you might think the city is for quiet and romantic people and has no rollicking nightlife scene like Berlin or London.

But, the city does have some good clubs worth your time, whether you’re an enthusiast of classic clubbing or awesome indie scene

Therefore, if you’d rather be a little funky, then you should check out the Le Rex club. Catch the vibe with the city’s most talented DJs for a long night of salsa or Latin dancing.


You can join the crowds moving until dawn, enjoy the gritty rock bar with whiskey, beer and cocktail, and cool indie tune rule to the night.

7. Le Reflet

Le Reflet

Le Reflet is a bar hidden in a tiny street called rue Champollion, and it’s one place you should not miss out on.

There are many artistic cinemas around this area. Le Reflet is a spot for young students and even cinema workers during their breaks. The interior is stunning, the walls are decorated with popular cinema posters, and you’ll always find movie lovers here.

The music supports the relaxed mood of the place. Le Reflet has a large variety of beers, delicious wines, and refreshing cocktails.

8. Les Bateaux Mouches

Les Bateaux Mouches

If you’d rather go for a cruise to enjoy the night’s fresh air, you should try some of the Parisian Cruise tours. Bateaux Mouches offer tours around the main monuments, supported by detailed information.

The cruise line is located on the right (north) bank of Paris, at Port de la Conférence, some minutes walk from the Alma-Marceau.

The tour begins at Notre-Dame Cathedral and takes 20 to 30 minutes

During your journey, the cruise passes through Louvre and Orsay Museums and rounds an amazing castle called Conciergerie, where the famous French queen Marie-Antoinette was detained.


Behind Notre-Dame, the cruise takes a turn and passes by the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadéro palace.

9. Les vedettes du Pont Neuf

Les vedettes du Pont Neuf

An alternative to Les Bateaux Mouches cruise is Les vedettes du Pont Neuf, which is located in the heart of Paris, below one of its oldest bridges called Pont Neuf (The New Bridge).

The tour follows almost the same route as Bateaux Mouches offer and is accompanied by a guide speaking in French or the English language. The tour is about an hour on board.

The cruise line specialty is “Croisiére Champagne.” This is a guided tour that connects the sightseeing with some really lovely French Champagne.

10. The Marais

The Marais

The historic Marais has become one of Paris’ most vibrant and favorite spots for nightlife. It’s also home to a number of gay and lesbian scenes. Some of such scenes include; Au Petit Fer à Cheval and 3W Kafé.

These are tiny Lesbian bars with a lively atmosphere. The Marais is an area known to be always active, and some say it is the part of the city that never sleeps.

Emmanuel Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuel Eguono is a mass communicator and fashion designer. When he is not behind a laptop screen or on a sewing machine, he spends his time netflixing and swimming.

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