Places that Online CPR Certification Can Be Lifesaving


Do you know that nearly half a million people in the U.S are victims of cardiac arrests that happen out of the hospital? And that out of this number, between 70% and 90% end up dead?

It gets even worse because those victims that survive have a high chance of suffering severe body and brain damage. This is more than enough reason to look for the best online CPR class.

Early intervention such as administering CPR can mean the difference between death and life. The most recommended way of readying yourself for any cardiac arrests away from the hospital is searching for the best online CPR class.

Cardiac arrests can strike in almost any place and by understanding the areas where it is most likely to occur, you can be prepared to administer CPR. Here are some of these areas.

CPR Certification is Crucial in a Day Care Environment

Also referred to as early education centers, these types of institutions take care of toddlers, infants, and young children. They ensure that the health and safety of the child are always maintained the children are in their care.

While cardiac arrest in children was a rarity some decades ago, today more and more children are succumbing to this condition. Apart from the risk of cardiac arrest, the other reason why daycare staff should be well versed in administering CPR is accident-related trauma.

CPR in Schools Can Save Lives

The same way daycare facilities are overlooked as potential environments for cardiac arrest, schools face the same kind of reasoning.

What makes the situation bleak is that the ratio of children to teachers is outstandingly higher, making supervision a nightmare.

Schools have a host of other activities including sports, plus vocational studies and unfortunately, these are the instances where life-threatening incidences such as choking are more likely to occur. Therefore, knowing how to give CPR will be a godsend in such situations.

CPR Applications in Restaurants

Are you aware that in the U.S, choking is number four in causes of unintended injury and death?


Apart from cases where small children can choke when being weaned or the elderly due to trouble in swallowing, other cases of choking occur in eating places such as restaurants.

While restaurant clients and family members might know CPR, the restaurant’s staff should be familiar with how to administer CPR.

Health Care Centers and Non-Emergency Facilities Should Have Staff Trained In CPR

There are health care centers with staff without an ounce of training in CPR. Some of these facilities are wellness clinics, medical practices, nursing homes, and home health services.

This means that should a cardiac arrest victim be rushed to those facilities, chances of the patient making it are slim.

Therefore, such centers or facilities should have staff that has attended CPR classes to give any victim brought to their facilities a fighting chance.

When Traveling CPR Might Be the Key to Surviving?

One setting where the importance of CPR cannot be underestimated is when traveling. Whether you are traveling by air, bus, train, or your car, all those means of transport are potential environments for cardiac arrest.

Imagine you are on a plane, thousands of feet above the ground, where getting emergency help is next to zero! This means that the probability of death or irreparable damage to the health of the victim is highly possible.

Such scenarios call for the aircrew, especially the hostess and cabin attendants to be well trained in CPR. It is also advisable for every person to get CPR certification to be on the safe side.

So, when you are driving on that isolated country road and someone has a cardiac arrest, you will be ready to administer CPR.

Volunteers Should Have CPR Certification

Volunteers, especially those based in disaster and conflict areas are better placed to serve if they have CPR certification.


When a disaster, such as hurricanes, strikes, sometimes pre-existing health conditions coupled with the traumatic experience are a ready recipe for a cardiac arrest.

Indeed, the volunteers are usually the first responders, and therefore every volunteer must have CPR knowledge and skills.

It can be very traumatic watching the life of someone ebbing away just because you don’t know the basics of CPR. And it is more disheartening knowing that a CPR online class could have saved that person’s life.

In Conclusion

Remember, the most boring day can turn into a nightmare in the blink of an eye. Sudden cardiovascular issues and cardiac arrest can strike a person and knowing how to administer CPR is the best thing that can happen to the victim.

Now that you know the high-risk settings that CPR can help save someone’s life, go ahead and register for that online CPR class. Who knows, it might come in handy one day when you least expect it.

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