Perfect Pizza Places in Mumbai

Pizza Places in Mumbai

If there is one thing that most of us love, that most of us crave and most of us devour with great appreciation, it is pizza. Yes, our good ol’ Italian friend pizza.

I have come across maybe 2 or 3 people so far in my life who actually don’t like pizza. Everyone else is a big fan, unsurprisingly. And why won’t they be? It is tasty, crispy, super versatile and easy to make. There are so many varieties of pizzas that you can’t possibly get bored of it!

Too bored of eating Margherita? Just order a pepperoni pizza. Can’t deal with Hawaiian pineapple pizza? Just go for a four cheese pizza. The possibilities are, as they say, endless. Not to forget that possibly every country in this world has altered the Italian dish to suit its style and palette.

You can find chicken tikka pizza in India, the Chicago deep-dish pizza is very well know, and not to forget the Mexican thin-crust pizza. But, in this mélange of pizzas, maintaining a high-standard of quality is difficult for many restaurants.

So, we bring to you, the best places where you can gorge down delicious pizzas in the city of Mumbai –

6. Indigo Deli

Indigo Deli is one of Mumbai’s most famous chains of restaurants. With high-quality food, great ambiance, and a royal treatment, you can expect yourself to be addicted to its luxury once you have visited this place.

This place serves continental food but it is known around town for its scrumptious, thin-crust, gourmet pizzas. The wafer-thin pizzas are obviously not everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re into thin-crust pizzas, you are surely going to love their wide-range of pizzas.

The Chorizo and Scamorza and BBQ chicken with cheddar are two of their famous pizzas which are delicious in their own different ways. The creamed spinach, roasted mushroom and cheddar is an all-time-favourite for the veggies.

The pizzas cost between Rs. 625 to Rs. 725.

5. Mia Cucina

Mia Cucina translates to My Kitchen in English and the cute little restaurant with its vintage décor is known very well for its delicious pizza treats.

No matter what dish from the Italian cuisine you are eating here, you will love it but the star of the show is definitely the pizza.

The Quattro Fromaggi or the four-cheese pizza, in which, Gorgonzola adds a power punch to the taste, is well known among the vegetarians where as the hardcore meat lovers devour the heavenly Prosciutto e rucola which is ham and rocket leaves.

Pair the pizzas with a perfect glass of wine, and your night is sorted! Other pizzas like pepperoni, margherita etc are also lip-smacking good. The price ranges between Rs.350 to Rs.700.

4. Ray’s Café & Pizzeria

We are also fond of lavish and luxurious restaurants when it comes to good and gourmet pizzas but sometimes, the best things are found in places we least expect them to.

So is the case with the cutely made Ray’s Café & Pizzeria. Do not go by it’s entrance as the ambiance will transport you to an Italian Riviera that is only short of a sea-view. The pizzas are fresh, crispy and delicious.

The variety of options for both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians is delighting and at the same time, every pizza doesn’t taste the same.

El Greco, which is a Greek-flavoured pizza packed with feta cheese, olives and spinach, is something totally different and worth trying while Fire & Smoke gives us a good amount of Gouda cheese that we all love.

Prosciutto Mirtilli Rossi e Caprino is a ham, cranberry and a goat-cheese pizza which is surprisingly good. Their desserts are just as good as their pizzas, so that’s a plus point.

Not so steep on your pocket, the price ranges between Rs.400 to Rs.770 for a large, filling pizza.

3. Pizza Metro Pizza

Pizza Metro Pizza is a one of the very few places that can boast of serving authentic Italian pizzas without even slightly Indianizing the taste to suit the taste buds.

The London based pizza chain had started off as a standalone outlet in Mumbai, but seeing the positive response, they have decided to expand. Their meter long pizzas are famous all around the world and are loved by all.

The most loved pizzas in their extensive menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas are the meter long pizzas. The Margherita is popular amongst the veggies and the meat lovers swear by the Prosciutto e Funghi and the Diego’s pizza.

They also have an extensive wine and drinks menu and the servers are more than happy to suggest a good wine pairing with the pizza. This one is on the steeper side of the budget with the pizzas ranging between Rs. 650 and Rs. 950.

2. Trattoria

Trattoria is an all day and night coffee shop cum fine dine restaurant in the Hotel Vivanta by Taj President. It is very well known for its gourmet pizzas and other Italian dishes.

The most positive point of the restaurant is that the chef makes sure that every dish that comes out of the kitchen is made to perfection. So fret not, if your dish takes time, because when it arrives, it is going to be worth the wait.

The signature pizzas are the Misto Mare (assorted seafood pizza) and the Fiamma (onion and chilli flakes). The restaurant is also known for its desserts and will leave you wanting for more. The pizzas are priced between Rs.700 to Rs.900.

1. Celini

In the upscale hotel of The Grand Hyatt, is one of the best restaurants in town where you can get the best pizzas.

You can close your eyes and order anything off the menu and be delightfully surprised to see a beautiful dish that taste just as good as it looks.

Their signature pizzas are Celini pizza, which is a vegetarian pizza and Pizza Pazza, which is like a normal roast chicken pizza but with it’s own twist and style.

The pizzas are fresh and crisp and you can hear a celebration in your mouth every time you take a bite out of your pizza! The average price for pizzas is between Rs. 800 to Rs.1000.

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