8 Amazing Facts About Onions You Probably Didn’t Know

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Onions are one of the most popular vegetables around the world. The lily plant family has over 3500 species and onions, garlic, and leaks are some members of the family.

Some historians claim onions originated from Asia and because of its ability to grow in any kind of soil and under any weather condition, it was able to spread wide across the world.

Onions have become an important part of many food recipes everywhere in the world. It can be eaten raw, fried, roasted, boiled and baked. However, Onions grow in different shapes, colors, sizes, and even have different tastes.

In ancient Egypt, Onions had a role in homes, parties, religious ceremonies and funerals because of its taste and curative quality.

Egyptians had onions as a part of their meals and also as a part of the sacrifices they offered their gods. They even used it during the burial and mummification of Pharaohs.

Even in the Bible onions was talked about in the book of numbers, chapter eleven, verse four, by the children of Israel during the journey from Egypt to the promise land.

In ancient Greece, onions were believed to be a gift from the gods and a means of protection thus soldiers and athletes took them everywhere they went and eat them both raw and cooked.

During the dark age, Europeans fed on mostly onions and cabbage. It was around this time that onions because almost more valuable than money.

A primary source of flavonoid which is a part of polyphenol is Onions. The red Onions have been discovered to have the highest level of flavonoid compared to the white and yellow onions.

Because the different kinds of onions vary in taste, they are used differently for the kind of foods that allows them to retain their great taste and color. Amazing benefits and uses of onions.

Did you know onions prevent cancer?

Regular consumption of onions is beneficial in your body against the growth of neoplasm because onions contain a variety of sulphide. This means that it protects you from different kinds of cancer like renal cell cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer and even breast cancer.

What if I told you onions are good for tooth ache?

Onions contain bacteria fighting properties that eliminates all the germs in your mouth when you eat a raw onion for three minutes. It also soothes a tooth ache.

It stops hair breakage and aids hair growth

While you must have kept giving some huge chunks of cash to hair product companies in your quest for healthy and long hair and still don’t see any progress, Onion juice is a cheaper and guaranteed way to have long healthy hair.

You know how you admire those Indian women you see in movies because of the length of their hair?

Asides genetics, Onion juice hair mask is the secret. All you have to do is massage a reasonable amount of onion juice into your hair from your scalp to every single strand.

Put on a shower cap and go to bed, then wash with shampoo in the morning. Do this twice weekly for two months and you’ll notice visible changes.

Onions are anti-inflammatory

You could actually reduce a swelling by placing a slice of onion on it. It also relives you of the discomfort that comes with a bee sting.

It Fights cold and catarrh

Did you know that onions contain expectorant? That is the reason why it has been used for ages to combat cold, cough, nasal congestion, and even asthma.

Onions are good for digestion

Eating onions provides your body with inulin which is a dietary fiber that is a source of food for the healthy bacteria in your intestine. This would mean an easy and normal bowel movement.

Onions are good for the heart

Eating onions reduces the risk of cardiac arrest because it’s richness in vitamin B, Sulphur, and chromium which has the ability to reduce homocysteine levels.

Onions are good for the skin

Onions help wounds heal faster and have also can also be used as a face mask when mixed with honey.

These are just a few of the amazing qualities of onions. Once you can deal with the smell and the teary eyes you are ready to enjoy the benefits.

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