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12 Monthly Home Maintenance Ideas

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If you own a home you know how expensive it is. But do you know that there is a lot you can do to keep your house in shape so you won’t be spending a lot of extra money to keep it in repair?

The following are some steps you can take to keep your home healthy. They should be part of a monthly maintenance program.

1. Furnace

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It has been said that 47% of your energy bill comes from your heating and cooling costs.  You should change the filter on the furnace every two months (keep extra filers on hand; look at the filter currently in there so that you can get the correct size) in order to keep these costs down.

2. Smoke Detector

Make sure the batteries are charged and that the detector is working. Most of them allow you to check them by just pressing the button and making sure it will beep.

Read the instructions so you will know how to check yours properly. Change the batteries once a year. In our house we change them when we move the clocks forward in the spring.

3. CO2 Detector

This is required by law in all homes. You should have one on each floor of your home. These are important because CO2 is a gas with no odor, no color and no taste resulting in over 40,000 people seeking treatment for CO2 poisoning a year; there is an average of 200 deaths a year from this poison a year.

It is the number one cause of deaths by poisoning each year. Check the batteries and change these batteries once a year, also. To keep some sort of pattern you should probably change these batteries the same time you change them in the smoke detector.

4. Fire Extinguisher

Each home should have a fire extinguisher readily available to those using the kitchen because this is where you are most likely to have a fire. Make sure that is it working and that it is full.

5. Water Softener

If you have one you should check it monthly and replenish the salt if needed.

6. Drains

Check all drains for hair and other debris and clear them if you find any. (This should be done after using the shower and other drains so that they do not back up; not everyone who takes a shower should do this so make sure you do you monthly spot check).

7. Faucets

Faucets have aerators (those little holes in them) that may get clogged as will the shower head. You can tell it is clogged if it is discolored and of course if the full stream of water is not coming out.

Remove the minerals that clogs them up by using one of the following three methods using vinegar.

  • Vinegar Simmer: Put enough white vinegar in a saucepan to cover the shower head. Remove the shower head and place in the saucepan on the stove. Let simmer for a few minutes or until cleared. Make sure not to let the water get too hot or the shower head may melt. Also make sure it does not sit in the bottom of the pan. Remove, rinse thoroughly and put it back on the shower.
  • Unheated Vinegar: Warm the vinegar up and put in a bowl. Put the shower head in and let it set one or two hours. This is for those who are concerned about the shower head melting.
  • Vinegar and Plastic Bag: To avoid taking the shower head off put vinegar in plastic bag.

8. Refrigerator

Most refrigerators have a grate at the bottom covered by a panel. Remove the grate and clear the grate of the dust and particles that are collected there. Using the hand attachment for your vacuum cleaner will clean this in no time.

9. Dish Washer

Did you know your dish washer has a filter? Look on the bottom of the dishwasher and it should come unscrewed. Soak in the sink for a couple of hours. Replace it and then run the dishwasher empty with a cup of vinegar to clean the inside of it.

10. Tub & Sink Stoppers

Mix some baking soda and water and then using this, flush these stoppers. If you have drains that have lift-up contraptions pick them up and clean of hair.

11. Garbage Disposal

The best way to do this is to put some vinegar in an ice tray and freeze; once they are frozen run them through the disposal.  This will make it smell nice as well as well as sharpen the blade.

12. Range Hood

Most range hoods have a filter; remove it and using some auto degreaser, clean it.

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