Would It Be Okay to Get a Massage After Surgical Treatment?


Having a massage after surgery poses no threat to you and it actually has a lot of health benefits but before you go for a session, it will be wise if you consult your doctor first.

He will recommend you the type of massage technique you should choose or go for and also advise you if it will be better if you opt for mobile therapist instead of going to a massage clinic or going for a spa.

If you want to know some of the benefits you are going to enjoy from a massage therapy session, this article is for you, and it will help you know everything you need to know.

With over 40 million surgeries being performed in the US each and every year, a lot of people are struggling with post-surgical pains. In most cases this pains are short lived but it is not always the case.

Some people can struggle with this pain for up to 3 months! This pain can seriously affect your moods, sleep and both physical and mental health.

The good news is that research shows that having a massage therapy session can help you deal with the post- surgical pain. To know more about the types of massage that can help you deal with post-surgical pain, keep reading.

What are the different types of massage used for post-surgery?

As you are already aware, there are is a wide variety of different types of massages. But of course not all of them can be perfect for post –surgery.

The perfect types of massages at a time like this are deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, remedial massage and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. If you book a massage appointment and you had surgery these are the types of massage you should go for.

When does massage help post- surgery?

Post-surgery normally come with a lot of issues most common being pain. Other negative effects of post-surgery are stress and scarring.

In all these scenarios, a massage therapy session from a professional massage therapist is going to help you deal with them. Some of these issues include:



Massage has been used to treat scarring before and if you are struggling with it after a surgery, a massage session is going to help you out. Wondering how?

Well, scars are normally formed when a damage occurs to your body either internally or externally. In most cases the scars heals naturally but you can boost the speed of healing by building up collagen fibers.

A massage can help you realign the collagen fibers by increasing the temperature of the collagen fibers which will make them soften and loosen. If the collagen are softened and loosened, it makes it easier for them to be realigned to match the body’s alignment and boom the appearance of scars decreases.


Another health issue that normally comes along with post-surgery is stress. Stress can affect both your physical and mental health.

The physical stress will be as a result of the damage on your body due to the surgery. The mental stress will be caused by many things like lack of movement and the pain that is associated with post-surgery.

We all know that a massage can help you lower your stress levels and if you did not know now you know. A massage encourages relaxation and lowers both physical and mental stress.

A massage session will also help improve flow of lymph as well as flow of blood to the muscles and tissues. This will provide the muscles and tissues with enough oxygen and nutrients needed for reformation and repair of the damaged tissues and muscles.

The increased flow of lymph increases the removal of waste products from metabolic processes that causes the healing process to slow down. If your muscles and tissues heals faster, it will lead to increased muscle strength as well as reduced tension.

The physical relaxation will increase and pain as well as tension are going to be relieved. And when pain and tension are relieved it leads to lower mental stress because as we identified, pain is the major cause of mental stress.

Acute pain

If you are experiencing acute pain after surgery, a massage therapy session is going to help you out. Acute pain comes as a result of the damage to the muscle fibers and tissues after surgery.


The acute pain can include achy or shooting pains which can increase tension and stress and can even restrict movements.

Your recovery might be poor because of different reasons, one of them being lack of nutrients that are needed in the tissues as well as enough oxygen to speed up the recovery.

A massage from a professional will create friction between the skin and the fingers of the therapist, which in turn increases blood flow to that specific area. An increase of blood flow to the area will lead to an increase of oxygen to the area and increased flow of required nutrients to the area too.

This is because it is the blood that carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. And when the oxygen and nutrients are plenty in the areas, it is going to lead to an increased healing and therefore reducing the acute pain.

The increased temperature during the massage will encourage relaxation of the muscle fibers and relaxation of the muscle fibers relieve tension and reduces pain.


As you can see a post-surgery massage has many benefits including improved circulation, improved recovery, increased range of movements, and improving moods as well as lowering both physical and mental stress. Get in contact with a professional massage therapist and get help.