Manga Review: Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

He is considered the weakest of all hunters; it was even embarrassing calling him a hunter. Sun Jin Woo became a hunter so he could pay for his mother’s medical bills, but working as a hunter brings him to the point of death countless times, he even get injured in low-grade raids, he knew the only reason why he was needed was so he could add up to the required number for the raid.

This particular raid was one that would change his life, and take him from the stats of an E rank to an S rank hunter. As the raid kept going more goblins, and orc monsters kept popping out, Jin Woo, as usual, was already injured by low-level monsters, thanks to the B rank healer they had in their group, Mrs Ju Hee who healed him.

Other hunters were doing just fine. The raid was going well in the hands of Mr Song Chi-yul. After hours of the raid, the dungeon was cleared, but the portal back home was yet to open, they saw a new path the led to a secret dungeon, since it was a new quest, most group members never wanted to go into this new and unknown level, with little information at hand. But their greed was more than their fear of the unknown.

So they went in, and they were faced with obnoxiously huge statue monsters. Looking around, they were amazed at the scenery and the sizes of these statues especially the one that looked like the king, which was the largest of them all.

Lying in front of them was a tablet which read “Carthenon Temple Commandments.”
First worship the Lord
Second praise the lord
Third Prove your faith

With that the statue that looked completely mundane and lifeless stated to feel like they were looking down at the group of uncertain raiders, suddenly the atmosphere became chilly, and the last part read.

Those who do not follow these commandments will not return alive.
With that, the door closed, and so the slaughter began.

One of the company members who thought to himself that this was all nonsense, and approached the door. Before he could say much, the statues standing guard moved with unimaginable speed and took off his head.

Terrified by such a sight, with everyone distracted and unaware that the huge statue behind them was about to shoot with its laser eyes, Jin Woo who had his eyes on this massive monster saw this and yelled “duck”.

The one who ducked were either alive or had severe injuries like lost am in the case of Mr Song Chi-yul, the ones that remained standing all died, and just like that, half of their raid members were dead. The three healers that came for this raid couldn’t heal the injured, as two were in shock and one died from the beam.


Confused on how to continue Mr Song Chi-yul asked all to remain calm, but one of them panicked and tried to escape, believing in his speed tried to escape, but the huge statue took him out in an instant leaving nothing but his limbs.

Gradually Jin Woo put together what was happening, why they were killed and how they could escape this bizarre dungeon, then he realised the dungeon itself had a rule of its own, it’s commandments.

Asking Mr Song Chi-yul what the first commandment was, worship the Lord he said, jin Woo stood up and bowed down to this huge statue in front of them all who had killed his comrades, telling those that were alive to do same, since they had no other options they all bowed down.

Happy that this huge scary monster had stopped attacking, they were all filled with relief, thinking it was over. The statue that seemed to be sitting stood up and started to walk toward them.

Scared of what to do next, they looked to the weakest E rank who saved them the first time, who told them the second rule was to praise the Lord, one of them started to sing praises, but was praising the wrong lord with wrong praises and he was squashed like a fly.

Panic and fear came down on them all again, and they all started running without a plan. A colossal statue giving chase, and the statue that stood guard ready to kill them once they got to close, Jin Woo had to think of a way out of such life and death problem.

Then he remembered some of the statues had musical instruments with them and asked them to run towards the statue with musical instruments, and they realised the status with instrument don’t attack but rather play their instruments.

Jin Woo found it hard to get to one of the statuses but he was lost one of his legs to one of the status standing guard, but before he could be squashed by this colossal statue he dragged himself to one of the sculptures which started singing.

The singing and the instruments playing from the status stopped the colossal statues attacks. After everything had settled, the headcount was six out of the seventeen party members of hunters, of the six, two were gravely injured, the colossal statue waved his hand an alter appeared, confused as to what was next.

Jin Woo explained that was an altar for sacrifice, like they used in old mythology, which comes to the last commandment, prove your faith.


With this, the door opened up, and the statues that stood guard started approaching them. Out of fear, one of the party members ran off the altar, went straight through the door, and nothing happened to her, but the door only closed a little bit. Realising they wouldn’t get killed, they all ran off one after the other.

Mr Song Chi-yul who wanted to stay to leave the door opened for Jin Woo, and Miss Ju Hee couldn’t because someone had to carry either one of them since Miss Ju Hee couldn’t walk properly due to exhaustion.

So he (Mr Song Chi-yul) had to carry her, leaving Jin Woo behind. When they both left, the door close, and Mr Jin Woo was killed by the statue which stood guard.

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