Make-up tips Before you get Started for your Masquerade Party

Masquerade parties are a lot of fun, with a chance to dress up in an opulent costume and an intriguing mask. Most people spend a lot of time and attention on coming up with a great mask and costume. They spend little time thinking about their makeup. The fact is that some parts of your face, like your mouth and your eyes, will be visible even while you’re wearing your mask.

You’ll also want to take it off at some point, so it’s important that your makeup still look good when you do. Here are some make-up tips for your next masquerade party.

Avoid moisturizers and creams

If you put on a moisturizing cream before you apply your makeup, this can be a problem. They tend to make your face sweat underneath your mask, which means late in the evening when you take it off, your makeup could be ruined. A better plan is to skip the cream, and use a primer instead. Primers and concealers are meant to help the make-up last longer under a masquerade mask.

Use liquid foundation

You want your skin to look flawless, both on exposed parts of your face, and when you remove your mask. Go for a top quality foundation which is water resistant. Use a liquid foundation, and apply it with a damp sponge. Don’t overdo it with the foundation, to avoid a tired look by the end of the night. Instead of powder, use a finishing spray after foundation.

Use glitter

Masquerade parties are a chance to show your fun, creative side. Glitter gives your skin a sparkle, and adds an effect to your mask.  Use different color combos of silver and gold, or green and red to really make your outfit stand out. There is also another benefit to glitter. Having it on your skin can help keep the mask from sticking to your face, protecting the makeup below.

Go for smoky eyes

Your eyes can be seen even with your mask, so you want them to have a look that pops. A good choice is to give them a smoky look. Start with a little concealer on your lids, and then add a black pencil along the lash line. Using a brush, blend up eye shadow towards the crease.

Use waterproof mascara

Wearing a mask can be hot, and in case your face sweats at all, you do not want your mascara to run. The safe choice is to use waterproof mascara, which is guaranteed to stay in place, smudge free.

Protect false lashes

If you wear false lashes, be careful with these, so that the mask does not catch them when you put the mask on or take it off. Always use high quality fake lashes, and depending on the mask you’re wearing, you may need to apply them after putting on the mask.

Go easy on the brows

If you outline your brows with a pencil, it may not be resistant to any moisture or rubbing under your mask, and this can destroy your look. It is safer to use a natural look. Just brush them into shape, and use a tiny amount of pencil for color.

Be bold with lipstick

Wearing a mask is all about making an impact, so this is not the time for neutral lip colors. Wear something vibrant and bold that fits with the mood of your costume. Bloody red, fuchsia, purple, orange and numerous other similar shades will make your lips pop. Be bold and feel sexy!


Hairstyle – matching accessories

Most masquerade hairstyles are fun, opulent, and extravagant. Use accessories for your hair like feathers and flowers, and match the colors with your make-up. If you want your outfit to look even more striking, use the same color combinations for your masquerade costume as well.

Masquerade parties are so much fun. Whether you’re attending a Mardi Gras celebration or you are going to a formal vintage-inspired ball, you have to remember that makeup is vital.

Since you’ll be wearing a mask, your face underneath should be maintained in excellent condition. Good quality products can do that. All you have to do is invest in make-up that is resistant and waterproof.

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