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Major Challenges Interracial Couples Face

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There’s a certain kind of sophistication that comes with interracial love affairs. We all get envious of that friend who has landed a lover from another race. Wait a minute, when the friend lands a French lady you know she’s everything sophisticated and hot.

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We all want to have a relationship like that too, but if your friend who is in an interracial relationship will be honest with you, you’ll find out he or she isn’t as happy as they look.

For quite a long time now, society has shunned interracial love affairs. As humans, it is our nature to judge other people and ourselves by the manner in which the society chooses to dictate the arrangements of life.

Interracial love affairs are sometimes viewed as a taboo and the individuals in such relationships phase a myriad of criticisms from friends families and the society at large.

However, the present generation seems to have begun to embrace interracial relationships to a tremendous extent.

The reason for this is majorly due to the availability of dating sites that are interracial that people can easily sign in and interacts with beautiful interested beautiful women and handsome men from different parts of the world.

The challenge, however, is that not every person sees the same light in a different racial love affair. However, this racial discrimination seems to be centered majorly in the Indian and western nations.

Take for instance a relationship between a white lady and a black man would be faced with lots of criticism in the United States than in Africa because of cultural differences.

Interracial Couples

The marriage between an Indian woman and a non-indian man would be faced with lots of criticism so much so that the Indian woman might even face being disowned regardless of what part of the world her family resides in.


Here are a couple of the struggles that interracial couples have to deal with very often:

Rejection by the families

The family often have a massive say on who their members finally choose to settle with. A lot of relationships have been destroyed as a result of family rejection. We all need our family members actually to fall in love with the people we love.

This can be a huge problem a lot of times; however it may be very challenging, but the trick here is to make your family see reasons why they have to give your relationship a chance.

Ridicule by society

The judgmental whispers and stares that you have to deal with at the supermarket or in the church make interracial couples make attempts to hide or even relocate to an entirely different country.

The truth remains that people will always have things to say about your relationship with someone from another race and the secret to success in such relationships is to ignore naysayers still and make your focus be on the things that actually matter.

Difference of opinion

At the early stage of an interracial relationship, there is every chance that the couples would have to deal with differences in their opinions. And this problem, if not properly managed may lead to the failure of that relationship.

The primary reason why interracial couples have to battle with a difference in opinion is that they have been exposed to different cultures while growing up.

This is imperative that couples make an effort to establish a strong friendship first before they take things a notch higher to go into a relationship. This way, they do not get to break up within a few days of dating.

Inability to find a middle ground

A lot of times couples get overwhelmed by their differences and the kind of lives they were exposed to, and this leads to a lot of problems.

It becomes very difficult for them to see in the middle ground on their differences. For a relationship to work one or both parties must be willing to make a compromise.


The phrase love is blind is one that a lot of us love to use. Well, we actually cannot argue that love isn’t blind because when you love a person, everything else doesn’t matter.

Automatically fall in love with how they eat how they dress and even the way they laugh even though it would have been annoying if they weren’t the person you were in love with.

When you are in love with someone, race becomes the last thing that you want to bother about.

Once you’re able to understand the person you’re involved with, race becomes the least of your problems. So if you’re considering going into an interracial relationship, find a way to avoid all of the challenges already listed in this article and watch how things happen smoothly for you and the love of your life.

We hope that you find this article helpful. Please do not hesitate to share on social media, and also leave comments below if you have Other tips that will be helpful or you have suggestions that you would like to share.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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