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Magnolia Figo ‘purple Queen’ (Banana Shrub) Care Guide

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Its scientific name is Magnolia figo ‘Purple Queen’ whereas it is still commonly known as Banana Shrub. Additionally, its synonym is ‘Purple Queen’ crassipes Magnolia Figo var. This plant’s scientific classification is;

  • Family: Magnoliaceae
  • Subfamily: Magnoliodeae
  • Genus: Magnolia
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Normally, the flower’s color is cream-white and often blossoms during early spring and throughout the summer.


Magnolia figo, also known as Purple Queen is an evergreen tree which grows up to 13 feet tall and what makes it recognizable is its darker colored foliage as well as its dark red colored flowers.

Furthermore, the leaves row up to ten centimeters long and are often grown in gardens as an ornamental plant due to its sweet-smelling flowers. Usually, these flowers emerge in early spring and periodic booms occurring throughout the summer.


Usually, these flowers flourish in regions with temperature levels ranging between 10 ° F to 40° F, with the USDA hardiness zone being between 8a to 10b.

How to Care and Grow Magnolia?

Magnolia Figo

Despite Magnolia species being able to grow in marginally diverse conditions, their optimum performance is on well-drained, moist, somewhat acidic and loose soil.

Therefore, to copy the natural conditions on which Magnolia grows, you must adjust the heavy soil with compost and peat moss.

Moreover, it best grows in zones seven to ten, with this dependent on the type, whereas others can grow in zone five.

It can tolerate partial shade to full sun, and having swampy, moist soil helps in enduring the full sun.


Avoid planting this plant in the southern coverage because the flowers can prematurely open as well as the winter sun damaging the leaves, and this is the case if you intend to test this plant’s cold tolerance.

In the first few years, this plant profits from getting irrigated plus they are moderately resistant to drought.

Despite looking small when you are just planting them, Magnolias of a mature size are tall and wide; therefore, the area this plant is planted needs to be extensive.

Other types of this plant do not blossom until they are 15 years old; thus you must choose one which suits your expectations and needs, with the seed-grown plants growing faster than the grafted plants.


The Magnolia figo ‘Purple Queen” is a product of Magnolia figo.

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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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