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Keeping Warm in your House with Less Heat

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One of the best methods you can employ to save money on your electric bill is to cut down on the amount of heat you use.

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In fact, any appliance in the house that produces a lot of heat will use a tremendous amount of energy. This goes for central heating, clothes dryers, stoves and even hair dryers. Thus using less energy will almost always require that you to learn to live with less heat.

The obvious dilemma though, is that we get cold. We’re used to having the thermostat set at 69 or 70 all the time, so when we try and dip it down to 62, we feel really cold in our home.

While it’s true that you’ll eventually get used to the new temperature, there are habits you can adopt and methods you can use to stay warm in a cooler house.  In a lot of ways, it’s as much a lifestyle change as it is a habit change. The good news though, is that it is doable.

Here are a few things that can help;


The first line of defense and perhaps the most obvious solution is to bundle up, though I’m not talking about sitting there all day in a hat and your winter coat.

No one wants to do that. Instead, target warmer clothing that is still comfortable for lounging. One of your best options will be anything long sleeve that’s made out of thermal sweater material, similar to long johns (though there are plenty of far more stylish options made out of the same material).

Having just one of those shirts over a t-shirt will probably keep you warmer than you want to be. Long athletic pants or soccer pants are also great ways to keep your legs warm. Add a pair or two to your collection of gym shorts that you’d typically wear in the evening.

You’ll still be comfortable, but you’ll be covered and warmer without having to crank the heat back up. If you still feel like you would be too cold, add a pair of long socks that go up close to your knees and a pair of slippers.

Keep in mind that having your house cooler throughout the day when you’re typically not there as much isn’t something you need to worry about. What you want to focus on is what you’ll have to wear in the evening while you’re lounging.

If you come up with some conglomerate of what I’ve listed above, you’ll be surprised how warm and comfortable you’ll be able to stay.



After you get clothing squared away, spring for a nice set of blinds, thicker curtains and a cozy floor rug. Having your windows more heavily guarded will help keep some of the cool air out.

You can even fold up a blanket and tuck it at the bottom of the window where it will help keep cold air from seeping in underneath. The rug will spare you from having to walk on cold hardwood floors, unless of course the rooms you spend the most time in are already carpeted.

To top it off, invest in a few candles are keep them lit at night. They’ll give off some heat, a good smell and will overall make the room feel warmer and cozier.

Food and Drink

Drinking hot tea or coffee in the evening, particularly if you’re dressed warm will heat your body up pretty quickly.

Additionally, if you have your choice between preparing a hot meal on the stove, or getting something quick and cold, go ahead and opt for the stove meal. Cooking in the kitchen will warm things up, plus you’ll have the added benefit of warm food to go along with your tea or coffee.


The bottom line is that there are ways to stay warm without having the thermostat constantly at 70 degrees. For people who don’t mind keeping it there, I would never fault them for it.

Though for those of you who want to cut down on their electric bill or just try and live more sustainably, there are certainly plenty of ways to do so while staying just as comfortable.

The fact is hat there isn’t a great deal of difference between 62 and 68 degrees. It just takes the human body a little time to make the adjustment.

If you decide to go the 62 degree route, using these tactics will certainly help your body along in that process. You’ll be plenty warm and cozy as you patiently await your much lower electric bill at the end of the month.

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Natasha Risinger works in the energy industry. She blogs about saving energy, mostly for business and eco related sites. Click thel ink for Retail Energy from Direct Energy.

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