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5 Reasons Why Keeping a Greenhouse Can Improve Your Health

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Keeping a greenhouse is a sensible option for professional gardeners and farmers serious about their crops. The benefits of a greenhouse are quite clear from a gardening standpoint.

For instance, having a temperature controlled environment means that you get to grow crops both earlier and later in the year. Probably at a time when you would not be able to do so outdoors.

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But have you ever thought of how keeping a greenhouse could be beneficial to your health as well? Consider the following:

Greenhouses keep you eating green for longer:

Because of the protective atmosphere that greenhouses provide, you are able to plant and harvest into the colder days of autumn. Particularly so if yours is a light deprivation greenhouse, which gives you even greater control of the climate in your garden. This means that you have easy access to vegetables and herbs (or whatever you are planting) for most of the year.

Growing your own vegetables means you’ll be asking for a second serving of vegetables… provided they are your own:

Personal testimony attests that growing your own vegetables and fruits will make you more likely to eat them. Even if you are not much of a vegetable eater in the first place. There is yet no specific study on this. But ask any gardener and they will tell you that vegetables grown from their own garden taste better than the store-bought variety.

Another plus for growing your own vegetables? Your husband might protest going down to the grocery store to pick out some vegetables for salad. But it is harder to refuse when the vegetable isle is in your very own greenhouse. Score healthier meals for the whole family!

Greenhouses give you the opportunity to exercise, no matter the weather:

It has often been reported that gardening is great exercise.So does that apply to gardening indoors? We think yes. With the added bonus of allowing you to garden no matter the kind of weather. Rain?Snow?Too windy? Hop into your greenhouse and mess about with seedbeds or turning over soil, without the weather preventing or having a say in it!

Of course, you can’t replace all exercise with gardening in a greenhouse. You do need your Vitamin D from the sun, etc. But at least you now have a good option for when the day is too cold for your scheduled jog.

Greenhouses allow you to grow flowers throughout the year

Greenhouses are why you are still able to buy gorgeous bouquets at your local florist no matter the time of year. Studies suggest that flowers make you feel happier and can improve your mood. Not only that, but also giving flowers provide that emotional boost, too.

By growing flowers all year round in a greenhouse, you are giving yourself a continual source of happiness. Both for yourself and something extra to give to others. Never grown flowers before? Start off with some easy to grow varieties and let yourself learn as you go.

Being around plants reduces sickness and stress

There are many theories as to why gardening or being around plants help reduce stress. Here are some of the main arguments:

  • Plants purify the air. When you are working with plants, you are breathing clean air!
  • The color green has a soothing effect, causing people to feel calmer and more at peace.
  • Doing an activity that does not tax the brain allows you to be physically active while allowing your mind to rest. This brings you into a state similar to meditation. And studies show that meditation helps lower stress levels.

The above reasons are why experts say gardening is good for you. But they also apply to having a greenhouse. Your greenhouse means that those benefits are enhanced because you have access to your indoor garden throughout the year. Rain or shine!

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