IV Drips: How to Live Like a Pop Star and Survive?

One by one, celebrities, pop stars and party people have been coming forward with stories of how they rely upon injectable or intravenous vitamins to get through their busy and highly engaged lifestyles.

Of late, IV vitamins have been attracting a considerable amount of interest as an alternative to the regular orally-administered vitamins.

Advocates of IV vitamin therapy say that this novel method is faster and more effective at replenishing the body’s nutritional needs because, as the name implies, the liquefied vitamins and nutrients get directly delivered into the bloodstream.

Months ago, Rihanna took her followers by surprise when she tweeted a picture of an IV bag hooked into her arm – one that’s thought to administer a cocktail of revitalizing vitamins and nutrients.

It was later reported that the singer needed some energy-boosting IV drip due to a string of TV guestings she simply could not skip despite being down with the flu.

In her autobiography, Cheryl: My Story, pop star Cheryl Cole bravely admits that she regularly required a cocktail of pills and injectable vitamins to get through the worst of her devastating divorce with Ashley Cole.

The tell-all autobiography reveals that aside from tranquillizers, the recording artist had to resort to regular injections of vitamin B12 on her rear side to help fight off stress, fatigue, and depression.

Harry Styles, member of the worldwide boy band sensation One Direction, also disclosed recently that he and the other guys of One Direction also depend on IV drips to keep them energized for their demanding daily commitments.

Celebrities Geri Haliwell and Simon Cowell also join this growing pool of familiar names that have been reported to depend on IV-administered vitamins on a regular basis to keep their bodies from yielding to strain and exhaustion.

Certain circles of party animals have also been abuzz with talk of IV drips that help remedy hangovers and refresh the body with high doses of vitamins and nutrients.


These special concoctions of vitamins and nutrients allow party goers to party hard all night and still make it through with enough energy to party yet another day.

Although not without critics and detractors, the use of IV vitamins continues to gain recognition not only among celebrities hoping to remain fresh-looking despite their harassing schedules, or among party animals and jet setters jumping from one festivity to another, but also among workaholics looking to breeze through the daily grind of meetings and deadlines.

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