Is Your Faucet Making Your Children Sick?


Clean water is one of the most important resources in a home. And that is actually an understatement because water is necessary for basic survival. For most people, as long as a reliable plumbing system is in place, the treated water flowing through their pipes is safe for their consumption.

However, this water could be making your children sick due to the contaminants present in it. This is ironic because the “clean water” in your home should keep your healthy, hydrated, and free from various health problems.

What is surprising is that the water being fed to your plumbing system might not be the issue, but rather the plumbing installations you are using.

The Risks of Tap Water to You and Your Family are Very Real

It turns out that there are water supply systems that will not give your family the clean water it needs, and the contamination they cause could be the reason your kids keep getting sick.

These are not just suspicions either, or shady misinformation campaigns from competing faucet brands, but rather findings from an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study.

So, there is every reason to be concerned about the faucets you use, as they might be downgrading the water quality in your house and even causing your family to get sick.

Even Modern Home Owners Have Something to Worry About

In the past, owners of modern homes did not have to worry about their faucets causing these issues. There was a general assumption that old houses had plumbing systems that were responsible for such issues.

Outdated fixtures, manufactured from potentially hazardous materials such as lead, which can leak into the water and cause contamination, were thought to be the main issue of concern.

But now, studies have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that lead, in any quantities, is quite dangerous to your health. Even small amounts are a serious health risk because the heavy metal accumulates in the body and over time, considerable health issues start to pop up.

Kids Affected the Most

The worst part is that kids are affected the most by the lead found in faulty plumbing systems. Such children experience issues such as nervous system problems, cardiovascular impairments, heart disease, digestive problems, reduced cognition, bone marrow damage and so forth.


While in the past some of these dangers were well-known, they were thought to occur only where large quantities of lead were consumed. But it is now clear that they can even happen even with small amounts of lead exposure.

In children, the dangers of exposure to lead due to faucets and plumbing systems that contain this heavy metal not only bring about these health risks, but also put their lives at risk.

It turns out that even some of the best kitchen faucet brands can have some quantities of lead in them. And the blame is not entirely on these manufacturers, since agencies charged with vetting plumbing system safety standards have long believed that small amounts of lead can have no negative impact on health.

However, recent studies have turned this assumption on its head and put a blanket concern over the health and the lives of several people.

For many years, the assumption has been that there is something like safe lead levels. In particular, a faucet could even have a “lead free” tag if it has some of the lead in it flowing into the water you and your family drinks.

Granted, people come into contact with lead in many ways. However, estimates indicate that up to about 20% of the lead people ingest from the drinking water they consume comes from their faucets.

Therefore, the water you are getting from your faucet water is never truly safe. Furthermore, boiling and other water purification interventions are not meant to deal with heavy metal contaminations but rather germs such as bacteria and viruses.

And so that you understand that you are not supposed to drink water straight from the tap, the EPA has what it calls MCLs with regard to drinking water.

MCLs is an acronym for maximum contaminant levels. What that means that the EPA regards water as safe for drinking if its contamination levels do not exceed certain levels.

Therefore, if your kids always seem to get stomach pains, nausea, and other gastric issues, the problem could be the water you are drinking; and that problem could be due to the faucet itself.


The water the council supplies is not as clean as they would like you to believe, it is only clean by their standards, which have been proven to be way out of date.

Consequently, do not be surprised that the clean water flowing through your home could be making your kids and the rest of the family members sick.

Faucets tend to have some lead in them, and this lead leaks into the water and cause heavy metal contamination that can lead to serious health problems.

The problem of lead leaking into the water from the faucet is increased when you are particularly fond of hot water. The heat makes the lead leak into the water much faster.


It should be a big deal that faucets have the potential to put your health in jeopardy. And it is not just temporary health issues these installations cause, but rather permanent health issues that can put the lives of your loved ones at risk.

Children are uniquely affected by the problems that water from contaminated faucets can cause, and their health and lives are especially at risk when they consume contaminated water.

At the moment, there is still something you can do to at least mitigate the lead poisoning risk the water flowing through your pipes might be causing you. First of all, you should avoid getting hot water straight from the faucet.

Additionally, you can let the faucet run for a few minutes before using the water to ensure that the lead that leaked into the water while it was sitting in the pipes is eliminated.

Finally, you should shop for kitchen faucets without lead in them. This might be difficult since the EPA standards still allow manufacturers to make products that have some lead in them.

However, the little you can do to avoid getting lead contamination from the water flowing through your faucets could have a huge impact on your children’s health, now and in future.


With recent scientific revelations, a future where a “lead free” faucet contains no lead at all is a possibility.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.