Is Your Car Part Of The Family?

woman using laptop while in the car
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If your car is anything like mine, it probably seems like it is part of the family. We spend a lot of time with her, hauling kids here and there, getting groceries, getting to work, and traveling on those fun family road trips.

There are so many memories connected with the family car. I particularly remember the family road trips. Before leaving, it’s important to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

My husband always took the car in to have the wipers, fluid levels, battery, and tires inspected. Just to be safe, he also scheduled an oil change, tune-up, and had the brake pads checked for wear.

Next on the list was to make sure our car insurance was up to date and to have our insurance cards with us in case of an emergency.

Before packing for the trip, we made sure all the car seats were in good shape and installed properly. Then we reminded the kids about the importance of everyone staying buckled in and a warning that if anyone disobeyed, we’d turn the car around and go home.

Traveling with kids means you need to take plenty of treats and water. Be prepared for potty breaks that seem to happen when you’re between exits on the interstate.

We spend many hours connecting as a family in the car. Stop the never ending “Are we there yet” by playing those old classic road trips games.

Some of our favorites are the alphabet game where the first person finds something along the road that starts with the letter A, then the next person finds something starting with B, and so on until you run through the entire alphabet.

The license plate game is played by writing down the name of the State of the license plate you see. The object is to try to find every state. You could print out a list of states before you leave and cross them off when you find them.

A good old sing-along of favorite songs is always a great way to pass the time.


Take good care of your car and I’m sure you’ll make many of your own memories as well.