Interesting Ways for a Healthy Relationship With Your Spouse

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Search for “Physical Fitness” on Google and you will get hundreds and thousands of guides for training tips. For those who desire to stay “mentally fit” and happy in their lives, I have your “relationship therapy” below.

Long lasting engaging relationships surely have a great impact on your life. You stay more happy, more connected, and more “in love.”

Keep the Things “Fresh”

As the time passes, we get lazy in relationships. We lose our gentleness, understanding, patience, and in the effort which we used to make towards our partner. Jot down all those special things which you used to do for your partner in the first year of relationship and repeat those again now.

Be Willing to Invest More Thoughtfulness and Quality Time with Your Significant Other

Of course, it can be difficult to spend quality time with your partner alone especially when you’re too occupied with your kids, career, or hectic work routine and the need to spend sometimes on ourselves too.

Try to get on the same page schedules with your mate and talk about what can be done to “stir up” things in the upcoming week or adversely, what didn’t go right the previous week?

Keep in Touch Emotionally

Say upfront what you’re feeling inside. Building up the emotional fire inside will only increase the stress and bum you out. Blurt it out to your partner if you are going through something restless. However, also notice what your partner is going through emotionally by partner’s nonverbal cues.

These can be posture, the gestures, the tone of voice, and the way your partner leans toward you or away from you… Stay emotionally and intellectually connected so that you can discuss and sort out the problem together.

Improve Your Communication

Unfortunately, not every one of us is inborn with good communication skills, but we can always learn it. Can’t we?  Listening and understanding is the essence of relationship goals.

Take every step forward to initiate the conversation and wipe out the tension in your relationship. Expressing your true feelings to your partner especially those what reasons are driving you lonely, rejected, disappointed, and ultimately go bananas!

These kinds of expressions demand honesty and vulnerability. This is where your partner will understand, and solutions will bloom out, rather than depression.


Wear the Relationship Hat and Take Regular (Mental) Vacations

The art to wear the relationship hat means (barring any deadlines or emergencies), we do not only “pretend” but actually be there with our partner.

Also, this means that we listen to them and truly understand what they are saying, rather than “pretending” to listen. Keep things on change. Walk out of the daily routine and instead plan up some new with your partner. If you can afford, give work to the babysitter so that you can sneak out with your spouse.

If the idea does not seem workable to you — Why not try swapping babysitting time with friends who have kids? Yes, it is absolutely free, and friends who know that they will get the advantage of dropping their kids at your home too will happily do it for you!