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Increase Your Home Security in 5 Easy Steps

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Intruders don’t care how nice and peaceful your neighborhood is, these people targeting homes no matter the area in which they might be.

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Therefore, you have to be pretty naive to think that your home is safe from break-ins just because you live in a genuinely nice neighborhood. To make sure that your home is protected, it’s clear that you have to increase your home security.

If you want to find out which are the 5 easy steps that you must take to increase home security, read the following lines.

1. Purchase a home security system

No matter if you go with a basic home security system, or you want to invest in a home security system that offers the latest features, this is a step that you can’t skip on.

Contact a trustworthy home security company, and ask for their services. Make sure that the package you choose contains at least motion sensors for the windows and doors, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Other features that you can include are home automation and surveillance cameras.

2. Check the doors and windows

It might sound surprising, but approximately a third of burglars enter through the front door. Therefore, it’s not enough to secure the main entry to your home if you want to be safe from burglaries.

Make sure that all the frames of the doors in your home are strong and that the hinges are protected. Also, repair any defects that the doors might have. Do the same for the windows, ensuring that the latches aren’t flimsy.

Another thing that you can consider is to install tempered or laminated glass because they have a stronger hold.

3. Install a garage door opener

What most people forget when they invest in the security of their homes is that the garage is an easy entry for burglars if it’s not secured.


Therefore, if you want to make sure that burglars won’t be able to access your home through the garage, install a garage door opener. The modern models have a rolling code system that ensures no one will be able to hack them.

4. Light up the landscape

Most break-ins might occur during the day when people are at work, but this doesn’t mean that you should skip on securing your home at night.

To effectively increase home security, you should place lights around your front and back yard as well. Also, you can use lights that are equipped with motion sensors. This will discourage the intruders from breaking in because they will have a spotlight on them.

5. Add security signs

Most security providers include window decals and yard signs with the security packages that they offer. You should make it a point to get these security signs and put them on the windows and in the yard because they will make your home even more secure.

By putting them up, you basically announce intruders that you’re equipped and that they should stay away from your house.

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