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How Watching Soccer Together Can Strengthen Your Relationship?

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Remember that cute couple you saw together playing and laughing during the holiday? You might want to bet they never have fights. Anyways, if there is anything they might ever fight about, I bet it’s football and video games. I’m just kidding! There are a million other things that can lead to petty fights asides soccer and gaming, but these days, men can’t seem to give their women much attention when a soccer game is on.

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However, when it comes to video games, men can let go and give their women some attention at some point because they can continue later and that is the singular reason why women complain more about football and less about video games. A live match deserves full attention, and the men are wired to provide it to the maximum.

Almost every man of this age supports one football club or another. And when it is gaming season, no other fun activity sucks up more of their time and attention than football. With the introduction of sports betting and viewing centers, the level of interest in the game is increasing at a geometric progression.

There have been instances where men fought over games or even transferred the aggression of losing a game on their women which is another reason why some women hate the game of football.

Women love attention, and there’s no denying that. That explains why when they sense an attention deficit they become unhappy and sometimes try to get the attention they desire using different tricks that often do not work on men who love football.

It is quite common to hear a lady complain of how she hates to share the TV with her husband because he always wants to see a soccer game when she wants to see an episode of her favorite soap opera.

That’s not even the worse; sometimes it is as though men do not respond or pay attention to the things a woman says while he sees a soccer game. They say it’s the passion and spirit of the game that is responsible for the strange behavior of men during football seasons, and that spirit is contagious.

There is a high chance of couples experiencing a disconnect that only the female would be aware of and she might become emotionally broken and even suspect her spouse of having an affair if he decides to see a game with the boys over the weekend.

Well, football is not a bad game. In fact, it has brought people together and fostered unity in different ways which is why there are games called friendly matches. Of course, some ladies love football as much as the guys do and sometimes even more.

You could hear them join in the conversations of football analysis and mention the names of all the good and bad players, how much money they currently earn, the year a football club bought them, and even their relationship status.


Ladies like this often have a much happier relationship with their football-loving spouse during gaming seasons especially if they support the same club.

However, this is no deliberate attempt to compare the women who do not like football with those who have made themselves die-hard football fans. People are bound to have different preferences and that’s very OK. But, sometimes we might have to make a few minor adjustments to keep our relationships fun and strengthen the bond between our partners and us.

What do we do about this attention problem?

There is a way to get your man’s attention during football games and keep him wanting you whenever there’s a game. But first, a quick look at some of the tricks women have used in their quest for attention from their men during football seasons.


Well, sex is a weapon that has destroyed many great empires and warriors in history, and it has also saved people and things from destruction. But if you are in a serious relationship or married to a football lover, you might have to reevaluate your choice of weapon because sex doesn’t work as much magic on live matches as it does when you need cash to shop for things you don’t need.

It is not like your man won’t find you sexually appealing because of a game. It’s just that he knows he will always get the chance to have sex with you immediately after the game or the day after, and probably had a bet on the game that’ll fetch him some considerable amount of money, so he has to watch the game.

Guilt tripping

Almost every female is guilty of guilt-tripping their men to get what they want. If you are a pro at guilt tripping people, then this might work for you a few times but if it continues your man is not going to find it funny, and that’s going to affect your relationship badly.

Hiding the remote

This is very funny but trust me it happens. When you hide the remote the first time, and you get away with it, well if you try it a second time you just might be sending your man to the neighbor’s house or a bar where he can see live games.

If that happens, trust not to have your man around the house every time there is a game because seeing football with other enthusiasts is more interesting than seeing it in the comfort of your home.
This is the simple trick.

Men will always be Men and the way to get the attention you want is to allow them to enjoy the game with you actively involved. You do not need to know a thing about soccer to see a game with your man. You just have to watch and learn.

A study shows that men who love football are quickly turned on by pretty females who equally love football and are more likely to cheat with them than any other kind of lady. This hypothesis might not be entirely accurate, but it does make some sense.


The first time you decide to see a game with your soccer-loving spouse, he sure would be surprised and interested in teaching you a few things about the game while laughing at funny stuff you’ll probably say because you don’t know much about football. That means you get to bond instead of ignoring each other which is a good thing.

Try to pick a club to support. If you do not root for your man’s team, it’s still going to be fun because you get to tease each other about what team is better. If you choose to support the same club as him, you get to laugh at people who root for other clubs together when they lose a game.

And if your team loses you both get to be sad together. That’s healthy for your relationship. Furthermore, you can learn the valuable lesson of teamwork as you learn how the players work together on the field to win every game.

Gone are the days when ladies only want to shop and take pictures. Loosen up and watch football with your man the next time there’s a game, and you will be amazed at how much fun and laughter you both will have. And the sex after the game might be the mind-blowing kind you have been craving for months!

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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