How to Repair a Punctured Tyre

You might assume that running over a nail, screw or piece of metal with your vehicle?s tyre would cause irreparable damage, but this is not always the case.

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The placement of the screw or nail is the biggest factor. It the tread of the tyre is what is punctured by the object, the tyre can be repaired. This is different from the nail or screw breaking through the sidewall of the tyre.

If the sidewall is damaged, this is often beyond repair. However, punctures that occur on the tread of the tyre can be fixed. It is important that you understand how a punctured tyre can be repaired.


It is important that before you begin repairing the tyre that you remove it from the wheel bearing. It is best to always deflate the tyre completely once it has been removed.

You will then be able to use pliers to remove the nail or screw from the tyre. It is this object that caused the tyre to become punctured in the first place and it needs to be taken out completely.

When you are using a tyre repair kit, you can use the rasp that is included within the kit to make sure that the puncture hole is completely clean. This can be done using an inward and outward motion with the rasp.


There is a rubber plug included within the tyre repair kit that you can use to fill the hole. This is done by threading the rubber plug from the kit with the needle that is also included.

It is important that you remember to completely cover the plug with rubber cement. This cement is designed to act as a lubricant that will enable you to insert the plug into the puncture hole of the tyre?with ease.

You should only insert the plug a little more than half way. It is important that you are using a lot of force to push in the plug. In some cases, you might even need to use a type of mallet hammer to get the plug inserted to this position.

Once you have the plug inserted, you can then take out the needle tool. The extra part of the plug that is sticking out from the tyre?needs to be cut off.

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It is best to use a utility knife to trim off the excess of the plug. Once you put air back in the tyre?you can check for any present leak.

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