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How to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

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Selling a home can be either real trouble or a great deal. While having a good realtor is important, you should not fully rely on his work.

The result of home selling also depends on the seller’s efforts. You might be surprised how a few adjustments can help to sell your home quickly and for more money.

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Do not worry, it does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune on repair works. The main goal is to make your home inviting and appealing to the buyers with a few simple tricks. Read what you can do below.

1.  Make Minor Fixes

The longer you live in the house, the more imperfections it gets. The little faults like broken doorknobs, cracked tiles, or holes in the walls can ruin the first impression. An easy home fix can quickly solve this issue and make a house more appealing and sellable.

Try to think as a home buyer and look through all the details. Hiring a home inspector might help you to find the potential repair spots and sell the house for a better price.

2. Refresh the Paint

Updating the paint is not obligatory but it can make a huge difference while selling a home. It is especially important to change the paint if you have brightly colored walls. Neutral colors are the most buyer-friendly as they have to see the home perspectives.

Light beige, gray, or brown paints may help to make a home appealing to a lot of different buyers. A light neutral color can also make a place look more spacious.

3. Clean It Up

Nothing is more appalling to a buyer than a dirty house. Dusty furniture, an untidy bathtub, stains on the carpet can become a real obstacle for selling a home quickly. Be sure to get rid of all these issues and always keep your home ready for showing to the buyer.

If there is a lot of work and you do not know how to clean the home properly, you might want to rely on professionals. The home clean up services can make your home look spick-and-span.

4. Make Your Home Clutter-Free

Over time, the houses tend to fill up with different things the owner collects. While it is completely natural, the clutter makes you lose selling points.

A cluttered house looks smaller and seems untidy. Keep in mind that garage, basement, and attic can also be checked by a buyer and should be de-cluttered.

You might want to move your stuff to a storage unit until you move out to another place. It is especially important if you sell to first time home buyers. They are usually eager to move in quickly. Waiting while you move your stuff out may become a turn-off.

5. Add More Lighting

A proper home lighting makes the place look more spacious and welcoming. Most buyers want the house to have a lot of light. Be sure to clean the windows inside and out and refuse from heavy curtains. Replacing broken light bulbs is also a good idea.

The wall mirrors can make small rooms and hallways look larger and lighter. If there is not enough natural lighting in some rooms, consider adding some additional lamps.

6. Get Rid of Smells Before Selling a Home

Bad smells are usually very appalling to the buyers and should be eliminated before selling a home. If you are a smoker, you may not notice that furniture has a cigarette smell.

However, it may not be appealing for a potential buyer and should be fixed. Pets could also become the reason of bad odors. Make sure your house does not have any smells of cat litter, dogs, or pet food.

Any specific smells should also be avoided. Remember that tastes differ. While an air freshener or aroma oils may seem pleasant to you, the buyer may have a different opinion.

7. Take Care of the Exterior

Although the interior of your home is the main object of the buyer’s interest, you should not forget about the exterior as well. Remember that the exterior is the first and the last thing the buyer sees.

Consider mowing the lawn and adding some flower pots. During the winter season, remove the snow and ice from the walkways. Do not forget to clean the gutters and wash away the dirt from the siding.

You might also want to update the front door and fix any cracks on a driveway. Remove umbrellas, shoes, keys, and vases from the foyer. The entrance to your home should be clutter-free and welcoming.

Remember that small details can have a huge influence while selling a home. The adjustments mentioned above do not demand too much of your effort but they will surely make your home more attractive for the buyer. Which home selling tip is the most important in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

Author Bio:

Tommy Rosenfield is a young, successful, motivated entrepreneur with well-established business projects like a homeexpertreviews.com. He is moving towards his goals, understands what obstacles lie ahead, knows how to cope with and become a well-experienced estate agent.

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