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How to Host a Successful Yard Sale

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Yard sales are one of the great pleasures of summer. We all love visiting the sales and racking up on the bargains. Most of us also love to host the sales, since they provide a method of decluttering the home while also earning money.

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When you plan to have your own yard sale, understand that it is quite a bit of work, and a bit of proper planning is needed for a successful event. First and foremost, advertising your sale is a must.

Check city ordinances to learn whether you can place signs around the neighborhood advertising your sale.

Other advertising options include social media sites, classified ads of newspapers, at work and at local supermarkets that offer a public billboard. You should advertise your sale on the day of and a few days prior to the sale so that people can start making plans to visit.

When the day of the sale arrives, be sure that all items clearly have prices marked. People will want to try to negotiate with you, so do make sure that you are comfortable with the price you mark, and the possibility of not getting the amount of money that you ask.

Setting up your sale will be a big part of determining whether or not it is a success. You always want to place your big ticket, attractive items where they are easily seen from the road.

Even if your advertisements were not seen, passersby may see something that catches their eye and decide to stop and browse. It is a good idea to group all similar items together, and leave plenty of room between tables and racks so people are not crowded and cluttered.

Some people have a box of items they’re willing to part with for free at their sale. This will certainly grab attention, as long as you place a huge ‘Free’ sign on the box so that it is noticeable. Make sure that you put more than junk inside of the box, else your shoppers might be disappointed.

If you want the kids to get in on the fun and pocket a bit of their own cash, you can purchase bottles of water and cold drinks and place in a cooler.

You’d be surprised at how quickly these will sale on a hot day, and your kids will love the money. A lemonade stand is another idea, and kids can also sale baked goods, crafts, art work, etc.


A few additional tips for a successful yard sale:

  • Ensure that your signs are clearly visible from the road
  • Have plastic bags to put purchase inside
  • Have plenty of change available
  • Do not host your yard sale during a major holiday weekend
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