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How to Get Laid This Valentine and Beyond

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Whether for you, last year was one of the best years of your life, or if you couldn’t wait for it to be over and gone forever, the new year is always a chance for a fresh beginning.

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It’s another opportunity to meet great people, fall in love, have great sex, and to be better, as you try to live your best life.

For some people, living your best life means having mind-blowing sex or just getting laid this Valentine’s Day or the next. For many others, this means eating right, working out, and moving to a new city.

However, many of us don’t spare any time to examine our relationship and sexual goals and needs. Healthtian is here to guide you through sex and dating with our tips on important issues like how to get laid right now, this Valentine’s, and the rest of the year.

Get To Know Yourself First

Yes, I know it seems like so much hard work, but it is worth it.

Think about what exactly you want from an encounter with that love it sex interest, and what you have to bring to the table.

If you want to know the best way to get laid, you must first decide what you have to offer that would make someone interested in sleeping with you. You must be confident in your strengths once you identify it, whether it’s your wit, humor, or your bedroom skills.

Going off on an ego trip is not a beautiful thing, but it can be appealing to be confident and have self-awareness. Be honest about what you are looking for. If you looking to hookup, communicate this clearly so it can be understood as intended.

Whether this is in your Facebook or Tinder bio or a conversation, communication is the most important thing. Excellent communication saves you from future misunderstandings, and honesty makes it seamless for everyone to get what they desire.

Deliberately Meet A LOT of New People

Once you have decided on what exactly you want, it is a matter of chasing after it. Go out more often or join any hot dating app, and open up your mind to meet a lot of new people.


Getting to meet the right people is a numbers game. Here the more individuals you meet, the higher your likelihood to have a good connection with a special someone.

If you are in the habit of using dating apps at all times, occasionally try to go out more often to meet people in real life. When you mix up your habits, you can be introduced to a new pool of people.

You may be a very selective person, or even have a ‘type,’ but once you open up your pool to a wide variety of people, it will make for more spontaneous or varied interactions, which will eventually make sex and dating more enjoyable.

Let Go of Rejection

We don’t like rejection. Nobody loves to be rejected or turned down. When chatting or messaging people, do not take any form of rejection personally.

If a person does not want to get laid with you or even continue with the conversation, be respectful, and look the other way. Rather than trying to force an interaction, let it go and move on if it is not going anywhere.

Understand that there are plenty of individuals who want different types of things, so do not get discouraged if you notice that you have to message many people before finally meeting someone who seems to have been invested.

Once you have been at it for quite a while, you will learn the number of messages to expect in return compared to how many you messages to send out. Remember that when you personalize your messages, you instantly increase your odds of getting a reply.

Embrace the Flirting Phase

Dating is supposed to be fun. But if you worry about how to get laid immediately, it can put a lot of pressure on the next person and ruin the entire experience.

Instead of mainly focusing on how to get laid, approach dating as a way to meet new exciting people, and see where it leads. Playing the long game is worth it and enjoy how you spend time and flirt with another person.

Even if the next person is not ready to have sex with you immediately, they may decide to do so in the next few weeks or months. Once you believe and are confident that you are a likable and fun person to be around, they’ll be interested in you and want to spend more time with you.


We must point out that it isn’t certain whether or not this will leads to sex. However, you can still have a perfect time with those you meet online or make a new friend in the process.

The best part of online dating is that the more people you meet and have good interactions with, the higher the chances you have for a successful encounter.

Explore Creative Ways for How To Get Laid

In this valentine season and the rest of the year, it is time to shake off any old preconceptions about dating and sex.

Too much of the knowledge we have about sex is from old-fashioned, and gender-defined roles, and sometimes of unrealistic dramatizations from books, movies, and TV. Sex is a beautiful thing that can look many different ways.

Appealing how you can enjoy sex with hands or mouths, and even try out mutual masturbation. Once you find someone ready to get laid with you, sex has to be what you and your partner want it to be and feel very comfortable with.

Once you get rid of the expectation of penetration, it can make the sexual experience between you and whoever more fun and exciting. And even if you do not want to have sex, you can still get intimate.

If you have a partner who feels comfortable in the first encounter, there is a higher chance that they will want a future rendezvous.

Being a Better Lover to your partner Will Lead to More Future Encounters

Sex is not all serious business; it has to be fun and feels right! If you can incorporate more foreplay into your sex life, both you and your partner will enjoy it.

Both parties must get an orgasm when they have sex, so you must be attentive to your partner’s needs.

Make sure to check in with your partner throughout the process because it is good practice, especially for consent, and make sure that you are both having a swell time.


Do not fake an orgasm; when your partner does not know that something is wrong, they won’t be able to improve!

Explore as much as you want and try new things, but always with consent and with an open mind. Never shame others for the things they like; you may never find out until you try.

Respect what other people may need or want, even if you feel it doesn’t work for you. Make sure that you practice some excellent sex etiquette, such as thanking your partner with sweet words at least one day after having sex.

When you make sex a better experience, the next person will be a lot likely to ask for it again. For those hook-ups and one night stands you have, this may not matter as much.

However, if you have a reputation as a great lover and fun person, your odds of dating and having another hook up will increase.

For this Valentine’s and the rest of 2020, you don’t need to worry so much about when and how to get laid. You must think more about how to have some more fun and form intentional connections with the people you meet.

And when you do have sex, because that will eventually happen, make it count! Explore different kinds of sex and be open to learning and trying new stuff. All of these will make you a great partner for a relationship or more casual sex.

So, now is the time to let go of past negative experiences, and open up your mind to new things and people, and indeed, the sex will follow.

We hope that we have being of great help to you. Please share this article and leave comments.

Get laid this Valentine’s day, and tell us how you did it below.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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