How to Conquer Pet Odors in the Home?

Pet Odors

We all love having pets in our homes, but ownership is not a straight path to endless love and stress free living. All pets bring with them their own unique challenges to our lives, but one hurdle remains constant and that’s in maintaining the hygiene of your pet while at home.

In many cases, especially those with long fur, the odor can become unbearable. We have all walked into a spotless and clean house, but suddenly that smell pervades our nostrils.

Figuring how to eradicate the pet smells from your home can be a challenging task especially if you don’t know how to clean your pet properly. Well, the following tips will help you to dive head-first into eradicating pet odors.

Regularly wash pet bedding

When cleaning your house, you are more likely to overlook cleaning your pet’s bedding. Cleaning it even once per month makes a big difference in eradicating pet odors from your home.

When cleaning the pet’s bedding, make sure you adjust your wash setting according to the requirements stated on their tags. Airing it outside after cleaning it is also a great idea.

Use an air purifier

Air purifiers are great at removing many types of obnoxious smells from your home. Whether they be smoke, damp or even pet related.

They come in many different sizes and types. Some of the models use catalysts to neutralize odors while others absorb the odors by using activated carbon.

In order to find the best air purifier for pet odor , you need to do thorough research into the different types of filters that come installed. Some models even state that they come with specialist odor filters which will most certainly do the trick.

Air purifiers offer a highly effective solution for combating pet smells from your home. However, they do pose a significant expense since you have to purchase new filters fairly regularly to achieve maximum efficiency.

Use a steam cleaner when cleaning your carpets

You may find that even though your cat spends the vast majority of her day cleaning herself, that she’s not as fastidiously clean as you’d imagine.


Residue of faeces or urine will still be present in the fibres of your carpet. Vacuuming and spot cleaning may not be sufficient when it comes to cleaning the root cause of the odor permeating the room.

Using a super-powered steam cleaner will obliterate any trace of your dear cat from soft furnishings around your home which will in turn, cut down on the odor.

You may accompany the steam cleaner with a rug shampoo to help remove the bacteria that cause the odors. After cleaning your carpets, make sure you hang them out to dry in the sun before allowing your pets to return to the area.

Use a black light for locating the sources of odor

However much you trust your nose, you cannot easily trace the origin of the pet odors. Consider purchasing a black light. They’re not as expensive as you might think and are useful as they can make elements glow.

A good example is phosphorous which is found in body fluids. If the pet odor comes from the body fluids, the black light will quickly locate the source. To use the black lights ensure you make your room as dark as possible by switching off or covering any source of light.

Eliminate repeat pooping areas

Any pet will return to the same area it has been to the potty before. If this area is the middle of the kitchen floor, or some other part of the house you don’t want them using – you need to eliminate this area as they are more likely to return to their favorite spots.

When eliminating these spots, do not use any products containing ammonia, because ammonia is the scent pets pick up when they visit their previous accident areas. Ensure that you clean these spots as soon as you locate them.

You may soak the area with newspaper or paper towels. If its poop, you need to immediately take them to the appropriate potty area so as to confirm to your pet where to go in future.

Clean pet’s bowls, toys, collars, and leashes

Pet owners often forget cleaning their pet’s items when bathing their pets. Their items such as toys, leashes, and collars can comfortably hold on to bacteria and odor. Therefore it’s highly important for you to wash all their stuff regularly.

Bathe them regularly

It is the most challenging part when eradicating pet odors since most pets hate to get a bath. Worry not if your pet hates to get a bath as there are groomers who will help you do this. If you are capable of bathing your pet, consider setting a reminder on your phone so that you won’t forget.


Use vinegar

After cleaning their stuff, you may use vinegar. It is an amazing natural cleaner for the more serious pet odors. Dilute the vinegar with a bit of water in spray bottle and spray it on floors, carpets as well as some of their stuff.

Clean the pet’s ears

Pet’s ears are a perfect haven for several types of smelly bacteria. It is because their ears are cozy and warm. Most pet owners are more likely to skip this area when cleaning their pets. Always ensure your pet’s ears are part of the cleaning regime.

Thoroughly clean your pet’s favorite areas

Most pets would love lying on the couch or take a nap in the closet. When cleaning you need to allocate a significant amount of time on these areas. If one of those favorite spots in the sofa, you may want to consider replacing it with a leather one.

Genuine leather is an excellent fabric for repelling pet odors as it is very resilient to absorbing.

Regularly clean your home clean

Keep the pet odor at bay by regularly cleaning your home. If you keep on top of it, future cleaning will be easy and take far less time. It also ensures that any unwanted pet odors don’t have time to fester making them harder to eradicate.

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